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Choose the Right Envelope Size for Your Events

You’re planning a birthday party for your husband, a loved one, or a wedding, or a baby shower, and you want to make it a special occasion. You need to send the invitations, but you can’t make up your mind on what the right envelope size you should choose.

Choose the Right Envelope Size

Well, dealing with envelopes can be a challenge and time-consuming, but our envelope guide will help you choose the right envelope for your event. Sending a standard reply or business letterhead envelope isn’t the best choice for such an important event, so let us take you deeper into the world of envelopes.

Size matters

Depending on their size, envelopes are used for invitations and announcements as a more formal form of communication. The standard envelopes used in such occasions are A-sized envelopes.

This is because the “A” envelopes come in a wide range of finishes and colors, and they are made from thicker paper stock and have side seams to add to the atmosphere. You can personalize and customize your A-sized envelope any way you see fit.

If it’s an announcement or invitation in question, our best recommendation would be to go with the 5X7 envelopes. A7 envelopes are your best option when it comes to:

  • Announcements
  • Party invitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Wedding invitations and more.

A7 envelopes are fashionable, tactile, and ultra-smooth to the touch. Most importantly, A7 envelopes are considered to be the most popular invitation size possible, and they fit the standard 5×7 invitation.

With such a wide variety on the offer, you’ll find the right one according to your needs, taste, and budget. Save hassle, time, and money and hire professionals to print the perfect envelope for your special occasion and choose from a plethora of customization options.

Dark envelopes with white ink? No problem. Something flashier? It’s coming right up.

A7 invitation envelopes

When it comes to size, A7 envelopes refer to 5×7 envelopes – the most common invitation envelope size. If you’re using a 5×7 invitation size, this would be the best choice. They come in all colors, and you can choose the right finish to add some extra detail and make your invitation more elegant.

Invitation envelopes

Black A7 envelopes are the most sought after at the moment, and we can add white ink printing as the perfect finish. At Envelope Superstore, we offer.

  • White envelopes.
  • Colored envelopes.
  • Foil lined envelopes.

Our envelopes come in many shapes and colors, with custom printing. If you decide to go with the most popular invitation size, our A7 envelopes will add some class to your photos, announcements, greeting cards, and invitations.

Envelopes are a unique form of personalized communication, and that’s why we have prepared a wide range of creative possibilities to help you design your perfect invitation suite.

The A7 invitation envelopes are perfect for any occasion. They offer an astonishing appeal that your recipients will love. They are very distinctive and are mostly made of 100% recycled content. Think of it this way – if you have eco-friendly friends or loved ones who care about the world and the environment, they’ll love these envelopes.

To give it a customized flair, we can add special printing to spice things up additionally. If you want to surprise your loved ones for their birthday or any other special occasion, 5×7 envelopes should be your option number one.

Custom printing options

A7 envelopes are all in one design that can be anything you need it to be – modern, sophisticated, and versatile. With so many custom printing options on the offer, you can use them for special occasions or everyday needs.

Upload your artwork or use our design templates. Full color and finish or a simple, one-color print, the choice is yours entirely. Our 5×7 envelopes will help you celebrate the most special occasion appropriately.

With a wide assortment of A7 envelopes and a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily find an ideal envelope for your upcoming event. More importantly, our customization options will allow you to match the theme of your event with the envelope style to add a classy touch.

Envelope Superstore will help you save time and effort by offering custom printing options. Let us customize your envelope for you and add any artwork, mailing addresses, or return address you see fit.

Personalize your envelope to make every event truly special. Contact us today to find the perfect envelope for your need and let us help you celebrate your event the way you and your loved ones deserve.

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