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Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a new craft in marketing, but on the other hand, it’s one of the best and the most exciting crafts possible.

Now, it’s obvious that you here today to learn about diamond painting and the best tips for it because you are in the beginning phase. Well, if that really is the case, then yes, you’ve landed on the right page and on the right content. Today we are here to talk about this most creative craft and the top ways to make the best out of it.

Tips And Tricks For Diamond Painting

For those who don’t know much, diamond painting is basically a technique of applying diamonds in a three step process that’s extremely easy, and it’s meditative too. You can even find different agencies who are experts in diamond painting, and you can read online reviews about them easily.

For example, if you go to Google and type “5dartist review”, you’ll get to hear a lot of good about them. The point is that you are supposed to use the internet if you want to contact some agency for diamond painting.

On the other hand, if you want to excel in this art yourself then here are a few tips that will come in handy to you.

1] Choose the right kit 

You are going to be working closely with the piece, so the wiser thing to do is to pick an exciting kit, and that won’t bore you. For beginners, an enormous piece wouldn’t be the right choice, so always start with a small one and then shift to a big piece once you know that you are improving with this craft.

2] Using multi-tools for the large color chunks 

We know how hard it is to cover a huge chunk just with a single color, and well, it’s a little frustrating too! But guess what?

There are multi-color tools available out there in which you can pick any nine drills of your choice and then place them in a straight line. Nine drills are for the enormous pieces, so if you have a smaller one, you can even opt for three color kit or 7 color kit.

3] Using a toothpick

Yes, you do have the option to use the setter tool, but for ease and convenience, we’d suggest you to try using a toothpick. Yes, you read that right! With a toothpick, it will be easier for you to nudge all those wayward crystals back to where they belong. You can even use the toothpick to pick up the crystals that are dropped.

Diamond Painting Tricks

4] Use dryer sheets

You already know that the drills are extremely light in weight, and they are made up of resin, and due to this, they can stick together a lot. Now, to combat the static, what you can do is that you can cut the small sections of the dryer sheet that you have and then store your diamonds in it so that they don’t stick with one another.

5] Use resealable containers 

No matter what it is, whether you have plastic bags, small jars, or a tackle box, just make sure to keep the diamonds organized so the whole diamond painting thing can be fun for you. Wouldn’t you like the idea of getting into hassle just for diamond painting right? If yes, then make organizing things a priority.


These are some of the main tips and tricks that you should be using for diamond painting. Using these tips will make this activity real fun for you, and it will help you relieve some stress too.

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