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Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

You may have a wonderful business, or a new and inventive idea, but if nobody knows about it then your business will struggle to succeed. These days, eCommerce is becoming a more and more important factor in the success of all new, and indeed existing business models. However, you may not have the budget to engage fully in eCommerce marketing services, so here we look at some cost-effective ways to market your small business.

Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Hopefully by the end of the article, you’ll have learned that there is more to eCommerce than you first realised and that even as a small business that you can compete with the big guys.

1) Blogs

A great blog will attract interest and from there, hopefully the interest will spread to your business. A blog can create, nurture and capture clients, provided that it is relevant, updated, and aimed at the correct audience. If you’re not sure what content to include, have a look around, and tailor your content to your own business model.

2) Google

The biggest search engine and the go-to solution for most queries. Make sure therefore that your small business has a presence on Google, be it a listing or on maps etc. or through AdWords and targeted advertising.

3) Industry Friends

Industry Friends

You’ll work in an industry, so contribute to the same, either through industry magazines, or associated websites – you can have a link to your site on a complimentary business and have their link on your site – remember though to choose your partners carefully.

4) Network

Something that ecommerce marketing services cannot do for you is physically network – so get out there and meet other entrepreneurs, establish contacts and get known to others. Again, you can establish friendships or even partnerships with the right people, and get at least a foot in the door of new potential clients.

5) Be A Guest

There will be some established sites that welcome guest posts from up and coming businesses, and so whilst you feel that you are giving away information for free, don’t. You are getting known as an expert in your field and then, when needed, people will remember whom to turn to. Likewise, comment on other blogs, in a constructive and positive way, and get involved in threads that are productive. Again, you’ll become recognised for your contributions.

6) Your Site

It’s like your physical store, so make it easy to find not hidden away, tidy, fully functioning and easy to navigate. Have lots of interesting facts and helpful guides etc. to get people to stop and take notice, and above all make sure that you monitor the conversion rates from interest to purchase – this will show you where traffic was lost and why. Then, you can fix it before it becomes a real problem.

7) Help

Don’t just seek it, give it. Host classes helping those that need it, and post helpful advice and tips on your blog. Again you are not giving away something for free, but demonstrating your skillset. People will then know where to go to – you!

Business can be tough, especially if you are small or new. You might feel like you’re outgunned, but these ideas can help tip the balance back in your favour. Good luck.

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