7 Cost-Free Tips On How to Improve Your Google Search Rank

How important is Google search ranking? If you want to reap maximum benefits from your business, you must work towards improving your Google Search ranking. Today, the number of individuals with internet access is at a peak. Yet this accessibility is expected to increase even more in the coming years.

How to Improve Your Google Search Rank


This is so important to the success of your business. Most of the consumers can also access digital devices. Whenever they need a new product, the first place to turn to for information is Google. This means your online presence is so important.

Now, when we talk about online presence, we just do not mean having a place online. Accessibility of your website is imperative. The reason why you established a website is to improve your brand awareness.

But how can you do that? Generally, Google ranks pages for certain queries. The top ten sites always appear on the first page. If you are lucky enough to appear on the first page, you are more likely to get a lot of traffic.

More traffic means more brand awareness and that is very important. And by the way, the chances of someone searching for something going to the subsequent pages are also minimal. However, a lot of efforts are needed to appear on the first page of Google search results.

In fact, statistics show that the probability of improving your ranking to the top ten within a year is very minimal. That is why we are going to discuss here the 7 Cost-Free Tips on How to Improve Your Google Search Rank.

How to Improve Your Google Search Rank

Every business owner is concerned with boosting their web visibility. Some people even think they can get shortcuts. The truth is, SEO is a long-term project with no shortcuts. I know you are interested in the answer to the question – how long can it take to improve your SEO ranking?

To quench your thirst, the answer is it depends. However, expecting significant results within a year is unrealistic. I understand how frustrating this response makes you feel, though it is a plain truth.

A good SEO ranking doesn’t emanate from a vacuum. Each and every circumstance presents a different class of variables. The expertise, budget and the intensity of competition are among the important factors that determine how fast you can attain the desired results.

To put matters in the right perspective, the following are some key results of a study carried out to determine how long it can take to rank high on Google.

  • Averagely, a page that appeared on top 10 was at least 2 years old. However, the mean age of pages that clinched the first position was three years.
  • Of all the pages in the top 10, only 22% were designed in less than a year.
  • Of all the pages considered during the study, just 6% in the top 10 had one keyword in the course of one year.
  • Getting back to the aforementioned 6%, none of them clinched the top 10% within 6 months.

In light of the above, a total of 94% of the pages did not clinch the top ten rankings within one year. Evidently, it is so hard to get to the top ranking. This drives us back to the question raised at the outset – how can one effectively improve the Google ranking? Use the following seven tips.

1] Establish a sound background.

An inappropriate web structure can detriment even a well-designed SEO campaign. If it is quite difficult for users to navigate through your site, or for Google to crawl, definitely your ranking will suffer. Focusing on usability is a sure way to success. Do the following to remain on the right course.

  1. Carry out a practical SEO auditing.
  2. Fix matching content.

2] Optimize your mobile friendliness.

Google has established a mobile-friendly index and this means your site must pass its test. To avoid mobile ranking failure, focus on the efficiency of mobile tasks along with performance. When it comes to performance, make sure your sites load in a very short time.

3] Enhance speed.

Constantly supervise your speed and always work on improving it. To benchmark the performance, you can utilize Google PageSpeed. Consider the following when attempting to optimize your page speed.

4] Ensure the Image size is fitting.

Utilize the best image editing platform. The image can even be enhanced using an optimizer tool prior to uploading. More important, make sure your image file perfectly fit within the space allotted.

5] Optimize your links.

Both internal and external links play a significant role in determining your page ranking. These links give more confidence and this can improve your rankings. If the page was not commendable, it would not be linked.

A lot of consideration is put on the number of web pages linked internal links are references a page makes elsewhere in the site. On the other hand, external links are references to external sources. Generally, Google gives external sources a lot of weight.

6] Repair all the broken links.

So then make sure your polish all the links and do not ignore broken links like many who have made that a custom. Repair all the broken ones and perfectly match your anchor text.

7] Write quality content.

Even though links are important, quality content is the main factor that Google considers when ranking pages. With top quality content, you can easily attract traffic to your site.

8] Augment for local search.

Augment for local search

Nowadays, clients use phones to look for businesses or trades “near me.” To enhance the possibility of your businesses appearing in the list of local searches, look for Google My Business list, post relevant contents within Google Posts, ensure you are listed in the local directories and enhance your reputation on online reviews.

There are so many businesses that come with top ranking. However, it requires a lot of efforts to clinch the top positions.  It is important to improve your Google search rank. If you need help it’s worth to check out Search Media an SEO agency in Singapore.

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