Reeling Them In: 6 Golden SEO Rules for Bloggers

Some people start blogging to share their thoughts and ideas to the world, while others are looking for a way to bring in a little extra income. No matter the main goal, in order to get as many people as possible to see the blog, it’s important to implement search engine optimization (SEO).

Golden SEO Rules for Bloggers


This helps the blog and the posts rank higher, which means more people are going to see them and check out the blog. There are 6 main rules to follow to start optimizing a blog.

1] Implement SEO From the Beginning

If possible, start implementing SEO from the very beginning by using SEO techniques when designing the website. This means paying attention to how everything is set up, the services used to create the blog and more.

If the blog has already been created, however, it is possible to add in SEO later. An agency like WHITEHAT can help with setting up the blog initially or adding SEO later on.

2] Make Sure the Post is Scan-able

Very few people are going to read the whole blog post. Most are looking for certain information they expect to be contained in the post. Always make it easy for those visitors to scan the blog post and find the information they’re looking for.

Use lists where possible, use formatting like bold print to highlight important points, and use subheadings so readers can find information easily.

3] Use Pictures and Images

Blog posts that include pictures or images receive around 94% more views compared to posts that don’t have any photos or images included. Use photos or images for every blog post.

Make sure the photos or images relate to the content in some way and use them to break up different sections of the blog post to make it easier to read. Remember to optimize the title and links for your images as this can help with the optimization as well.

4] Link to Other Websites

Links are the cornerstone to success with optimization and almost as important as the content itself. Linking shows authority and helps bring in more visitors from other websites.

Post links in the content to other websites that might offer relevant information for visitors and ask other websites to link back to the blog. Try to use links from authority sources to ensure they will help with the blog’s optimization.

5] Write Headlines Carefully

Headlines are what capture a visitor’s attention and make them want to read the content. Headlines should always be eye-catching, should give the visitor an idea of what to expect from the content, and should be designed to make the visitor want more.

And Headlines can include the keyword to help with optimization and they can be any length, but short and to-the-point headlines will likely have a bigger impact.

6] Create the Right Content

The right content adds credibility to a blog and ensures visitors are going to take the time to read through the post.

Internet users today often do searches for a way to solve a problem they’re having, so how-to and similar explanation posts are the perfect way to get their attention. Know the types of posts that viewers are interested in and make sure the content fits what they’re looking for.

Optimizing your blog for search engines helps bring in more visitors, which means you can make more money from the blog. Whether your goal is to reach out to others or to bring in a second income from your writing, start thinking about optimization now and use these tips to make it easier for searchers to find your blog.

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