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Find Efficiencies In Your Restaurant Business With New Tech

Naturally, the thing most people talk about when it comes to restaurants is the food. But restaurant owners know that serving up scrumptious dishes isn’t enough to keep the business afloat.

Of course delicious food helps to attract new customers, but even restaurants with the most talented chefs need to run an efficient operation if they want to survive in the notoriously difficult restaurant industry.

Restaurant Business

Keep reading to learn how employee scheduling software helps today’s restaurant owners find new efficiencies when running their business.

1] Schedules in Far Less Time

Like its name suggests, employee scheduling industry leaders like 7shifts online employee scheduling software helps restaurants create schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take, resulting in a direct savings of up to 3% in labor costs. Most restaurants struggle with labor expenses, so saving money here is important.

Not only can your employees save a lot of time at work by greatly reducing the time wasted creating schedules, but the schedule this software produces is actually better.

Each employee can manually submit their work availability easily and remotely through their phone, which allows restaurants to stay on top of their staffing needs further in advance.

2] Loads of Clear Data

In order for a restaurant manager to find efficiencies, they need to understand everything going on in their restaurant. Employee scheduling software links to your POS, and its manager-facing dashboard has a wealth of statistics that make it easy to understand the economic health of your restaurant at a glance.

An example of some stats that come right out-of-the-box includes.

  • Labor costs.
  • Total sales.
  • Labor as a percentage.
  • Weather.

Managers or executives can decide to track any other statistic as needed, and it’s very easy to compare present data against past weeks or months.

Employee scheduling software produces invaluable data which ensures that any business decision will be made from a place of full and accurate knowledge.

3] Tightly Control Labor Costs

As mentioned, labor is one of the biggest expenses a restaurant faces. The modern time-clock on employee scheduling software can be easily programmed to prevent early punch-ins, and it can even punch-out employees who accidentally forgot to do so after their shift.

This way, the restaurant only pays employees for the hours they were scheduled to work. Employees will love how this software helps ensure they get all the breaks they are legally entitled to, while employers will enjoy how effortlessly the software helps them steer clear of fees or penalties related to labor compliance.

The software will even issue an alert automatically before an employee is scheduled for overtime, so the restaurant will never have to accidentally pay time and a half.

When restaurant owners have technology like employee scheduling software working for them, effortlessly helping to take advantage of efficiencies in their business they’d never otherwise find, they’ll be able to focus more time and resources on the one thing that foodies care about most in a restaurant – the food.

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