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Crypto Casinos – The New Thing On The Market

If you’re someone who has always been aware of what’s going on in the world of finance and banking, you’d know that cryptocurrencies are the next big thing that will eventually win over all other industries.

In fact, this is exactly the case with digital businesses like gambling sites and virtual casinos since they can reap the benefits of digital currencies to the utmost level. Do you feel curious to learn about this new trend? If yes, keep reading.

Crypto and Bitcoin Casinos

2020 was the year of businesses

2020 was a big year for several businesses and people. Nevertheless, for cryptocurrency users, 2020 was undoubtedly the year of Bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin peaked during February, 2021 and the value amounted to somewhere around 60,000 US dollars. This way, we’re pretty sure that there are many more people who are trying their luck with cryptocurrencies.

With the gaining momentum of cryptocurrencies, there are several digital platforms and businesses that are already using bitcoins for transacting with their clients. Now there are several online games or e-commerce platforms and even the best cryptocurrency casinos are now going to accept regular transactions.

Bitcoin casino vs. normal online casino – What are the differences?

By now you must be wondering about the difference between normal digital casinos and bitcoin casinos. While the former accepts conventional payment methods like credit cards and wire transfers, the latter depend only on crypto payments.

For example, in case you visit a cryptocurrency casino in any country and create a new account, you’ll require placing a deposit through any digital wallet and pay with bitcoin. In short, you wouldn’t make a deposit by utilizing conventional payment methods but rather use virtual money.

What are the different methods of deposit?

Bitcoin casinos usually come in two different types – the first one is based on the Bitcoin payments only while the other one adds bitcoins to your already-existing portfolio of payment. Many gambling websites receive bitcoin or any other crypto in india. Read on to know the way it works.

Bitcoin-only casinos

By the name of this type of casino, you can well understand that this is that version of gambling which tackles bitcoins. There are relatively small numbers of bitcoin-only casinos because the nature of the system reduces the market potential of the platform.

Multiple-payment method

There is also online casino without wagering requirements which chooses to add cryptocurrencies to conventional payment models like wire transfers and eBanking. This is a common solution which enables everyone to join the party.

In what way can you withdraw the winnings?

Whenever you finally place any online deposit, in bitcoins, you can start playing games just as on other gambling app or website. In case you get lucky enough, you get to make money. This is one of the best scenarios and you can easily withdraw your winnings for free. Hence, there are two possible results.

Gather money in bitcoins

There are few bitcoin casinos which let players withdraw their gains in bitcoins. These are basically the crypto-only platforms that don’t accept any other method of payment.

Collect money in any other way

There are few online casinos which let players withdraw their earnings in the form of real money. Here we mean platforms which are open to several other methods of payment and other options of depositing.

Will crypto casinos continue post COVID?

There are constant hopes among people that cryptocurrency casinos will still stay popular even when the COVID-19 pandemic is eradicated. When the time arises that COVID-19 poses no threat to people, the reputable physical casino gamers will most probably make a comeback.

Now cryptocurrencies are making a transition from being only accessible online to becoming a part of the mainstream market. Crypto casino has brought forth a concern among financial institutions and lawmakers who can’t reap the benefits of actual cryptos. This could be possible only due to the decentralized platform of blockchain.

The dearth of regulations in blockchain have largely benefited sportsbooks. Since most of the sports betting don’t wish to involve third parties, cryptocurrencies and blockchain presented a chance that couldn’t be overlooked.

These cryptocurrencies have added competition in the casino industry and virtual sports betting community by introducing gambling venues and crypto-exclusive casinos.

Reasons why people are gambling with bitcoin

There are few valid reasons why most gamblers are trying out crypto casinos. Here are few reasons you should be aware of.


What do you think is ideal about transacting with bitcoin? Well, each time you do so, it isn’t required that you disclose all banking details and personal information.

Regardless of which type you wish to use, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin, you’ll only need a wallet address or an account tag. These casinos would allow Bitcoin deposits that make gamblers to play anonymously.

Better bonuses and promos

This is cheaper for digital operators of casinos to process cryptocurrency payments; they can provide increased bonuses and promos to customers.

In case you’re trying to make sure that your gain more than what your money is worth, then seek benefits of big bonuses and promos that Bitcoin casinos can offer.

A cheaper option

For the digital gambling operators, it is cheaper to deal with cryptocurrencies. These operators would pay a part of what they would pay for prime transactions to be processed as long as processing crypto payments are concerned. This is the reason why Bitcoin casinos would let their customers withdraw their earnings right away.

A perfect way for avoiding gambling money in a bank account

Some players will make an effort to avert the transactions done by gambling on their bank accounts to stay away from certain privileges like taking out mortgages or loans. Players can use digital wallets like PayPal or Skrill for this. This is why there are many who choose cryptocurrencies too.

To avoid restrictions based on geolocation

There are places where online casinos are not allowed. For example, in the United States, there are just few states which are permitted to run online casinos like New Jersey.

Due to this, players apart from NJ can’t enjoy the favorite casino games. This is a perfect way of averting these geolocation-based limitations by playing on a Bitcoin casino site. Cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated in several countries and that’s why current laws on gambling don’t cover Bitcoin casinos.

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