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Looking for a Data Transfer Tool for iOS? AnyTrans Is Simply Perfect!

Any upgrade in technology often requires people who heavily depend on their mobile phones to conduct their business to change their handset. However, those loyal to Apple, find it difficult to switch to any other technology provider.

The popularity of iPhone is such that those who are using it, eagerly wait for the latest upgrade available and those who aren’t using it, wish to try their hands on it. In short, anyone who has ever used an iPhone swears by it.

AnyTrans - Your One-Stop Manager for iPhone

People switching their phone for a better version of the iPhone are often in a fix as they don’t wish to lose the data stored on their phone. Though numerous data transfer tools are available in the market, AnyTrans has emerged as a popular choice.

The popularity of AnyTrans can be attributed to the following features.

  • Provides full backup for different types of data, much more than an iTunes backup.
  • Offers automatic wireless backup for data. You no longer need USB cables to make local backups for your iPhone. You can easily schedule them in advance and the backup is created over a wireless network automatically.
  • An incremental backup is available wherein you can create a backup with the changed part saving time and disc space.
  • You can create a backup your iOS device using AnyTrans without spending a dime. A license is required only while restoring the backup or transferring it.

Why AnyTrans is considered the best data transferring software?

Despite the presence of several data transferring software, the advantages of using AnyTrans outweigh those of others. You can download AnyTrans and try its free trial version Some of the common reasons why it has emerged the most popular software for transfer of data especially in iPhone users include.

1] Get a complete backup.

People hate data loss, especially while switching phones. Though iTunes offers to have the backup of iPhone data, AnyTrans crosses even the backup limit of iTunes! AnyTrans understands that different people have different backup needs, and therefore provides different easier and safer backup solutions catering to different needs.

Backup iPhone Contacts to iTunes

    1. A full backup is created by covering everything including an iTunes backup and 10 other different types of important files. With just a click, the entire data, settings, media collection (audio and video files included) are backed up to a computer system.
    2. An incremental backup is an option for people who do not want to waste time and storage space for a full The optimized solution is available by AnyTrans which creates a backup of only changed and any additional data since the last backup. This saves a lot of time and disk space creating a backup of already existing data.
    3. Air backup is an option available for AnyTrans users where an automatic backup of their data is scheduled wirelessly and without any input from their end. You can schedule to have data transferred every day, week or month as per your requirement!

Comprehensive Backup Manager

2] Cover more data types than iTunes

iOS users often think that iTunes is enough for backup. Wait till you discover the features of AnyTrans. Unlike iTunes, AnyTrans can backup content like imported photos, movies, imported/downloaded videos, TV shows, music, podcasts, ringtones, music videos, audiobooks, and iTunes.

3] Get 100% secure backups

Any backups created using AnyTrans (either via USB cable or SSL-secured over Wi-Fi) are stored locally on the hard disk. Since no data transition takes place via the internet, the data is safe from cracking. Moreover, it uses the iTunes backup encryption technology to keep your data safe, ensuring that only you can access your backup.

4] Get your data synced.

Get your data synced

You can get full-way transfer across iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and your computer using AnyTrans. It works efficiently to keep your music, contacts, messages, and photos organized. Moreover, even if you switch phones (upgrade your iPhone or switch from android to iPhone) you do not have to worry about your data.

With AnyTrans, you can easily migrate your data between phones and merge content from multiple devices without erasing the original content. Data migration is also more convenient and faster with AnyTrans. What’s more, the data is converted to iOS supported format in case of switching between Android and iPhone!

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