Check the Smart SEO Tips to Index & Rank New Content Faster

Content is king – That’s a line that you have heard many times in the context of SEO. Just adding new contents to your website is not enough, unless of course, Google indexes them. You would also want to ensure that these contents and pages rank in SERPs, to get the true advantage of effective SEO.

Smart SEO Tips


If you have not engaged competent digital marketing services, the first step is to find a firm that can decode SEO needs of your website. Along with their expertise, you can use some of the SEO tips listed below for ranking and indexing new contents faster.

1] Start with URL Inspection.

The URL Inspection Tool is a great way to ensure that new pages are crawled by Google, and for that, you just need to submit these URLs using the tool. Chances are high that your website pages will be crawled and indexed sooner than you expect.

2] Improve internal linking.

Most SEO agencies will tell you that internal linking is as important as acquiring backlinks. You want to make sure that all the older pages of the websites have relevant link updates, besides the home page. This just allows better scope for ranking new pages.

3] Go social.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has many advantages, as far as SEO is concerned. Contents shared on social media are more likely to get indexed and ranked faster. Using Reddit and other aggregator sites can actually be more useful, because Google sees them as signals from external sources.

4] Don’t miss the need for responsive design.

The focus is now on “mobile-first index”, and it is always a wise idea to ensure that your website for mobiles and handheld devices. Run your website through Google Pagespeed Insights to know if you are doing things right.

5] Create new content.

Most website owners believe that posting good content is enough to get ranked, and while that’s true, regularity also counts. You have to consider posting more frequently, and more of original, new contents, so that your website is crawled by Google and other search engines time and again.

6] You need sitemap.

Brands and web designers often ignore the need for a sitemap, which is critical and must be submitted to Google and all other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get the sitemap up and ready, and your SEO agency can offer assistance in this regard.

7] Check your website speed.

Believe it or not, this factor can actually impact how Google crawls your website. If you haven’t done an SEO audit yet, get it done and ensure that every website is optimized, especially for mobile screens. The loading time of a website is particularly important.

Also, we would like to recommend that you check for duplicate content on your website. If unchecked, this can actually affect the crawl rate and make sure that you have deleted all the pages that you don’t want Google to crawl. This prevents or rather reduces the time required for crawling, so the newer contents get indexed easily.

In conclusion

SEO agencies that follow the best practices have little or nothing to worry about crawling of new pages or indexing content. We suggested initially that you find a marketing agency that’s more reliable and known, and you can discuss with them about creating content marketing strategies and ways to improve keyword placement, which help with SEO.

There are many online guides on Google Indexing API, and if you don’t know about that already, check right away. As long as you are focusing on good content, effective website structure, and other basic SEO aspects, your website would do fine.

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