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How to Stop Thinking About Someone You Like

Are you thinking about someone you like? Want to know how to stop it? Today, I will be sharing something with you guys here in this article and I am sure that you will get the answers to these questions. Generally, when we think about someone, what we actually do? We put away those thoughts, try stopping them, we do deny or distract ourselves from them. But actually, this doesn’t work really well as these things don’t help in stopping those thoughts coming to us.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone You Love

How to Stop Thinking About Someone You Still Like

So, finally, I planned to discuss few tactics which are quite really effective ones. But, before starting with it, I just want to brief a little about ‘what missing someone is?’ Did you love someone? You both are no longer together? But you still like them. YES. If you are missing a person then one reason might be that you still think about them, but the person is no longer with you. It is an automatic reaction when you are not able to be with someone you love or like and it is really an impossible thing to escape from.

When you love someone and they leaves, you miss them and it goes on because there is no choice. Missing someone is just associated with the fact that you are no longer around the person you like or love. But, here I would like you all to examine one assumption with me and I am sure by the end of it, you would say that the feeling of missing someone is actually created by our thoughts.

Just take a moment and think about the activities which you love and have fun doing it. For instance, dancing, watching movies, eating desserts or playing sports. Now, think that if you are missing someone, then would you be able to enjoy and have fun doing these activities? A simple answer is, YES, you will certainly enjoy doing these activities. These activities will just help you in distracting your thoughts of missing someone you like.

So, if you manage to keep yourself happy without the person you love being around you, then the feeling of missing them is not the result of the person not being there with you. Because, if the feeling of missing someone is because of the person you like not being around, then you would take a long time to escape these thoughts.

So, did you able to get what I am trying to say here? The feeling of missing someone is created by your own thoughts. You miss the person when you think about the person not being around. But actually, when you are not thinking about the person, you don’t miss them at all. The feeling is created by your thinking, your thoughts about someone you like to be around you, but he/she isn’t there.

First, you need to understand the fact that why you are actually missing someone who doesn’t care about you. I mean that there is no problem in thinking about someone, but if you really want to stop thinking about the person, then you need to understand that why are you thinking about them.

If you are unable to come up with a reason, then you will end up pushing away those thoughts. What I think is that we think about someone or we miss the person because we think that our life would have been different and we would be happier if they were here.

Anyways, coming back to our main question. How to stop thinking about someone all the time (forget someone you love). Here I am sharing few tactics which are quite effective ones.

Ways to Stop Thinking About Someone

  • You just need to make up your mind of what you actually need to do. Whether you just want yourself to stop obsessing about the person or you want to get over with that person. It is really important to get clarity to face the reality.
  • You just need to look for a closure. What I mean to say is don’t avoid the situation and accept the fact. Just start brooding over it and once your thoughts get saturated, just move on.
  • Avoid feigning about the memory loss. Oh! What did I mean with this? Avoid pretending the fact that you are not missing someone you like. You just need to focus on the ways to get rid of the things which affect you.
  • Just avoid the ways to contact them. Just remember the fact that you are actually finding ways to stop thinking about the person. Avoid getting bump into them in public places.
  • Think about their negative traits. Think that the person was not perfect for you or doesn’t match with your imagination. Just think about their flaws which can help you to avoid falling in love with them.
  • You just need to enjoy a good time. So, avoid getting depressed over someone and watch funny videos or movies to have a loud laugh. It really feels great.
  • You must have heard about an idle mind being a devil’s workshop. If you really want to stop thinking about someone you like, then just try to keep yourself busy with other things which are important to you and stop giving importance to the person.

Keep yourself busy to stay happy

  • Avoid stalking them offline or online. It is a curse. You will never be able to stop thinking about someone you like if you will keep every bit of info about the person.
  • Just enjoy having a fun time with your friends and avoid talking about that person. Don’t just indulge yourself with a conversation about the person you like.
  • Your life might have been screwed up, but just pretend that you are having fun. Just take your initiation to move on. Go out, shop for yourself, meet new people and have fun.

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Remember that these tactics would definitely help you to stop thinking about someone who hurt you. You really need to move on and just respect your feelings. The person whom you are missing doesn’t really feel for you and care for you. Just believe in yourself and enjoy. 🙂

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