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Life-Saving Tips for Quick Essay Writing

A well-written essay needs time and research. However, this rule is rarely put into practice. Most students procrastinate and think “I will do my essay the night before it’s due – how long can a three-page paper take?” and then experience rush-hour paperwork.

Top Tips for Writing an Essay

How to Write an Essay


This happens not because students are lazy but because their schedule is overloaded with exams, tests, and revisions. Hence, they often don’t have enough time to do everything when it’s supposed to be done. Still, nothing is impossible and one can write a good essay on short notice. Let’s get started!

1] Use a catchy title and draft the outline

To kick-start your essay, you will need to begin with a promising title. This is crucial for a successful and quick write-up. Good title guides your writing.

For some topics deep research isn’t necessary – you can come up with illustrative stories, anecdotal evidence, and personal ideas on the go. Of course, your opinion should be grounded in some facts, but you need that paper ready tomorrow, right? So better choose something you already know about.

If your teacher has already provided the compulsory title, skip this step and start drafting an outline.You can write an outline as bullet points, diagram, or list of ideas – the format doesn’t matter since you are the only one who will see it.

As long as it works for you, it’s good. First, think of all the words, stories, and concepts that relate to the topic. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, make a quick search to understand the meaning first.

2] Reread the Instructions and Prompts Carefully

Analyze the instructions and questions carefully. This way, your mind will be focused on the right things from the start. It will be difficult to correct the entire text if you write from the wrong perspective.

Some students write in general terms and their essay becomes an unsubstantial mess. Don’t beat around the bush. If anything can impress your teacher after years and years of grading essays, that’s clear and concise writing without any fluff.

This doesn’t mean that your essay must be official and dry. By providing examples and writing in a personal tone you will only add points to your essay.

3] Type your draft essay instead of writing it on paper

You should type the essay draft on your computer or phone note app rather than handwriting it. This way it will be easier to edit, cut, paste, delete and rephrase everything later.

It often happens that we stumble upon great ideas and amazing choice of words after we’ve already written about it in a less satisfying way. Moreover, it is difficult to assemble everything quickly on the paper.

Even if your teacher has asked for a hand-written final draft, it makes sense to work on the quick-and-dirty version in a digital medium – this will save time and trees. Moreover, you can use an auto-correct and other spelling and grammar tools as you type your essay. In this way, you can correct the sentences quickly and make your writing impeccable.

You should proofread your essay to finalize the paperwork. When you are happy with the text, rewrite the clean copy by hand.

Essay Writing

4] Save the intro and conclusion for the last

How will I start? You are probably still asking yourself this question. Stop wondering how to finally begin, and start with the body, if you want to finish your paperwork ASAP.

You already know what to write since you have an outline – so go straight at it. Writing the intro and conclusion is better be done after you have the body ready.

Anyway, your introduction must describe briefly what things will be covered in your paper.If you already know the contents, the intro and conclusion will be a piece of cake.

 5] Ask help from a professional writer

If you cannot make heads or tails of the topic, outsourcing it to a writer can help you solve your problem instantly. You can find legit freelance writers and turn the work over to them. However, make sure that the writing agency works with assignments on short notice and is capable to meet the deadline for your paperwork.

Writing services have strict protocols concerning the delivery of the texts since they employed a number of writers to finish a job.

They can promptly ask another writer to do the essay in case the assigned writer fails to provide the paperwork on time. If you want to finish your essay on time and hassle-free consider hiring a professional writer.

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