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Why Do Businesses Need to Have HR Management Software In 2022?

2022 hasn’t been the year anyone expected and the pandemic has thrown numerous problems that no one could have ever predicted. Even as staff begin to return to the workplace, we are far from ‘normal’.

Not everyone is safe to return or perhaps new staff have been onboarded from distant locations after the realisation that permanent remote working is now possible.

HR Management Software

HR and management have had to create new solutions to managing staff at a distance, especially if current processes in place are outdated and require evolving into the digital world.

HR management software (Cezanne) is one tool that has helped enable businesses to overcome common issues with remote working, but only from a functional perspective.

How Can Hr Management Software Benefit Businesses?

There are numerous packages of HR systems available, below are just a few examples of how HR software can benefit businesses during and after the crisis.


Cybercriminals are getting larger in number each day and with so many of us confined to our own homes, it seems like the logical path to follow if wanting to gain funds fraudulently.

Office buildings often have highly-secure networks and computers with sophisticated antivirus software.

Employees’ home connection and computers may not be sufficient. HR software is cloud-based, password protected and highly secure.

This means sensitive and confidential information can be stored safely. Access can be granted and restricted to selected data, depending on staff who are allowed to do so.

This means that if a network is compromised, hackers will not be able to access business files as everything is password protected.

As all data is stored on external servers, if computers are lost, stolen or damaged, there is no risk of losing cloud-based files.


Onboarding can be a tricky process at the best of times and it is even more of a difficult task during these times. HR software can collate everything into one simple place, with access provided to all relevant team members.

From advertising to new-starter training, every step is aided with these platforms. With so many workers losing their jobs during the pandemic, larger numbers than before will be applying for advertised roles.

Candidates can be collated into groups and contacted in mass messages, allowing HR teams to significantly reduce time doing so. These can be tailored to non-successful candidates and those who have been invited to the next stage.

Once the right candidate has been chosen for the role, they will undoubtedly be feeling more nerves than usual starting their new career. Work culture is a huge element of any job and not being physical in the workplace can impede on their induction.

Before their first day, they can be granted access to their own HR software platform, where they can fill out starter forms and be provided with an overview of their first few weeks, along with any resources that they should review before starting.

This helps provide an overview of their role. Team profiles can also be created so they can see who they will be working with, who they need to report to and what specialities each colleague has. This means any questions can be directed to the right person each time.

HR Advice

HR teams may be furloughed, ill or perhaps the business is still growing and yet to hire a specialist.

It is more important than ever to know the right approaches when it comes to human resources, especially as the pandemic has thrown a curveball even more experienced HR experts.

When choosing HR software, it can be easy to be blinded by fancy software and high-end graphics. While the software itself should be good quality, check the vendors’ knowledge of HR.

Many suppliers simply supply HR management systems and have a great tech understanding but their knowledge stops there.

Choosing an HR management software supplier that also has HR knowledge can be a huge benefit. An HR expert is only a phone call away to help managers deal with related issues or queries.


The most important element for any business is ensuring proper communication between all staff members.

HR management software allows messages of any size to be sent out. Recipients can be tailored to departments within contacts so only applicable information is relayed.

There are always urgent or crucial messages that need to be read by staff and chasing to make sure this has been read and understood can be time-consuming.

Trackers for message opening can be applied, meaning managers are only required to follow-up with those who need to be chased.

Are HR Management Systems Cost-Effective?

This can all depend if the right packages are chosen and the tools utilised in the right way. HR management system vendors are always keen to show off what they have to offer but when these systems are implemented, often they are not used to their full potential.

Taking the time to really assess the needs of the business and relay these to sales teams can help. Speaking to contacts within the same industry who have experience with this software can always be a huge benefit, they can provide an insight into what tools were purchased that were not required and any options they wished they had added to their package.

Speak to vendors and see if they can offer training on their software to employees, if all staff know how to use all the elements then they are more likely to do so.

Vendors are now adapting their tools to accommodate the pandemic and using client feedback to provide the best systems possible. It could be one of the most important investments made this year.

When staff have returned to the office and lockdown is a distant memory, these platforms still provide a vital tool for management and can continue to benefit the entire workforce.

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