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A Vinyl Skin That Will Keep Up With Your Killer iPhone

Ever since you got your iPhone, you’ve been using it for everything. Forget about your laptop, your iPhone has replaced the computer every time you need to look up a recipe, find out the best route home, or checking the times for a Friday night movie. With the amazing capabilities of the iPhone, it’s no wonder you use it so much, but with any piece of technology you use constantly, it’s under a lot of stress.

Vinyl Skin That Will Keep Up With Your Best iPhone

Vinyl Skin That Will Keep Up With Your Killer iPhone

Vinyl Skin That Will Keep Up With Your Killer iPhone

Wear and tear seems to be a natural occurrence to any of Apple’s products but especially the iPhone. So many iPhone users have a scratched case or – worse – a cracked screen because clumsy fingers let slip the phone mid-text.

Combined with the grime, grit, nicks, and other scratches it picks up along the way from your pocket to your desk to your bag, your iPhone can be looking a little worse for wear in no time at all.

As your bank account can confirm, iPhones are not cheap. Depending on your plan and provider, you can be looking at $900. For nearly a grand, you want to be doing everything you can to keep your phone in your hands and away from danger. For many, the answer lies in phone cases, but as those users find out, it’s the wrong one. Phone cases are a bulky piece of plastic that doesn’t fully fit your phone. All it does is add to its size, making it even harder to safely text with one hand.

For discerning iPhone owners, iPhone skins are the better alternative. They’re made out of a vinyl that protects your casing from scratches and grime build-up. The vinyl also creates a better grip for your iPhone, so you’re more likely to keep it in your hands where it belongs. A skin can only provide that if it’s precision cut out of genuine 3M vinyl and you should only consider purchasing a skin from providers that offer this. If you’re looking for a skin that will fit your iPhone’s exact dimension with a margin of error of less than 0%, you should check out these iPhone skins. They’ve been developed to wrap every curve and line of the phone without creating messy residues or unsightly overhangs.



As an accessory, skins can also enhance the look of your iPhone, which, while sleek, is not very individual. iPhone skins can come in a variety of colours and textures that you can combine to create a look that’s totally ‘you’. If you’re not sure what style would be yours, you need to do a little experimentation. Go online and search for a build-a-skin app that you can use to see how each colour and texture looks on your iPhone.

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Once you slap a skin onto your iPhone, you won’t worry about pulling it from your bag to check the upcoming weather or the game’s score. Indeed, you’ll have your phone out all the time to show off its unique combination of colours, so don’t delay. Get an iPhone skin today! 😉

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