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What Is The Difference Between Psychologists & Psychiatrists?

Mental health is a much-debated issue and is fast becoming a topic of discussion and awareness among individuals in the modern world.

Most people are hesitant to discuss mental health with their friends and family and rarely ever take it seriously. The society also views mental health challenges like mental illness and therefore it is ridiculed and laughed upon.

How Psychologists And Psychiatrists Are Different

Difference Between Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Slowly people are gaining awareness about mental health issues and their importance. India is one such country where psychiatrists and mental institutions are now on the rise.

India has some of the best psychiatrist in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other major cities. Just look up “psychologist near meon any search engine and you will receive many options.

People are now taking mental health challenges more seriously and seeking support from psychiatrists and mental health institutions. This is a positive change in society that needs to be encouraged.

When mental health is discussed, the words psychology and psychiatry are interchangeably used. Most people do not know the difference between the two terms and this can lead to some confusion as to whom one must consult and for what.

Although both are related to mental health, there is a stark difference between what a Psychologist does and what a Psychiatrist does.

Psychology and Psychologists

Psychology is the science of understanding human behavior and thought processes by indulging in deep therapy sessions. Psychology helps in deciphering human behavior, tendencies, and emotions and helps patients in navigating through their mental issues.

A psychologist is someone who is adept at this science and can help patients by guiding them through their thoughts and behaviors using various tools at their disposal such as therapy and counseling. A psychologist is a qualified medical practitioner who can advise on mental health problems and provide cognitive solutions.

Psychologists are, but viewed as Allied Health Science Practitioners as they are not Doctors. They have no medical training in diagnosing and treating a mental health patient and therefore can not prescribe or advise on medical techniques.

A psychologist near me is most useful for mental disorders that involve non-medical intervention such as in the case of Anger Management, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, etc.

In these mental health issues, the patient often requires help to open up and discuss their day-to-day thoughts and issues and help them gain perspective.

A psychologist would often indulge in one-to-one discussion based on the patient’s issues by addressing them, discussing them, letting the patient vent, introspect and gain a perspective by providing effective solutions. This is achieved with hours of therapy and counseling.

Psychiatry and Psychiatrists

Psychiatry is the science of mental health challenges that require medical intervention through various medicines, tests, and other technologies that help in diagnosing and treating an issue. This may also require a hospital setting and in some cases, the intervention is done in-patient.

A Psychiatrist is a trained and qualified Medical Professional who is a doctor of mental health and can perform necessary interventions on the patients. A psychiatrist may run diagnostic tests using blood work, scans, and qualitative measures such as cognitive tests.

A psychiatrist can prescribe medicines to help the patients in managing their illness. India has some of the best psychiatrists in Hyderabad and some of the best mental health institutions that provide treatment along with rehabilitation where it is deemed necessary.

A psychiatrist deals with issues such as Drug Addiction, Schizophrenia, Dementia, ADHD, PTSD, etc.

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