How to Add PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Blog

Welcome Guys, today we are here with a one of the trending topic and a question mostly asked to people using Paypal Donate Button On WordPress Blogs, so to help users having troubles in adding Paypal button on their WordPress blogs we will today explain you about adding a Paypal donate button on your WordPress blog. This process is very simple and easy to understand but still people have some issues adding donate button so for them below is the guide on how to add Paypal donate button on your WordPress blog.

Add PayPal Donate Button on WordPress Blog

Add PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Blog

Add PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Blog

Note : Their are two methods for adding Paypal button on WordPress blog, one is using plugins and other is manually from official Paypal site. 😀

Method #1 Using Plugins

Its the easiest and recommended method to add Paypal donate button on your WordPress blog. Its a free plugin, you can get it here or can also search for PayPal Donations on your WordPress plugin search to download and install the plugin directly on to your WordPress blog. 😀

When you finish installing the plugin in WordPress site, you might be required to visit Settings > PayPal Donations to finish the configuration of the plugin with your PayPal Account.

Now to configure plugin with your Paypal account their might be some requirements like it will ask you for your Paypal email, Currency and some page style and page return option to make your donations a professional one’s. 😉

After completing the above steps now it would ask you for amount of the donation(you can keep it blank also), purpose and references of the donations, after all the configuration at last it would ask you for the Paypal button style or you can also use a custom button to enhance the beauty of your WordPress blog with the Paypal donation button.

paypal donations plugin

paypal donations plugin

Now to add your button on your WordPress blog you might need to visit Appearance > Widgets

When you will open widgets section in your WordPress admin you will see a option of adding PayPal Donations button, you have to click on it and select sidebar while adding the Paypal button on your WordPress blog using plugin.

Method #2 Manually Using Official PayPal Site.

Ass you all know that WordPress.Com not allows you to install plugins you can use this method on your WordPress blog to add a Paypal donation button.

First of all you will need to login into your Paypal account from web and then click on tools from the menu.

When tools page get’s loaded you will need to click on the PayPal button icon and then on the next page you will see a option to create a new common button in the right hand side of the page.



Now you will need to configure the Paypal donations button as like you did for the plugin, there would be some minor changes in it which can be analysed easily.

Now finally you will get the code but their would be two options in it first would be HTML for the button and second would be Email where you will find the direct link to your donation page which would be great to save for future editing in the button.

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Hope you all enjoyed reading the article on How to Add PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Blog, and setup-ed your Paypal donations button for your blog. If you have any queries regarding the article then you can comment below and we would get in touch with you shortly. 😀

Thanks For Giving Us Your Time. 😀

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