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8 Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Designing a website requires some efforts. You have to put in some amount of research work and make your website look the best. Read the following post to know more about ways of improving your website.

So, do you run a website? How do you go about improving it? What are the things that you need to consider, if you are looking forward to improving your website – the following paragraphs explain 10 tips to improve your web design are explained below:

Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Opt for a Professional and Polished Logo:

Having a proper logo that looks polished and professional is extremely essential. This acts more as a brand, so definitely make sure that the logo is positioned prominently. Experts from the industry opine that, online marketing has got loads to do with imageries and proper placement of them. Opt for a high resolution image and place it on the upper left of the site. Do not forget to link your logo back to the home page. This will help visitors to navigate the page easily.

Opt for Intuitive Navigation:

Primary navigation is usually the most opted method. However, experts opine that intuitive navigation is important because, lesser secondary navigation will attract more visitors. If your page has too many links, then it might create confusion and people might not click on so many links at a time.

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Try and Get Rid of Clutters as Much as Possible:

With so much to do with website these days, it is easy to overload the site with as much stuffing as possible. But do keep a control on this and try to get rid of as many clutters as possible. This will enable individuals to navigate themselves through the pages properly. If you want visitors to come on your website, make sure that the pages are devoid of competing calls to any kind of action or visual clutters. To reduce further clutters on the landing pages, see to it that you limit the links and options in the footer and header, thereafter narrow down the focus even further.

Provide Breathing Room to Visitors:

Try and create enough space between the images and paragraphs so that viewers get space to breathe; this will enable them to absorb all kinds of features to your site. Controlling the white space through proper layout will help in keeping users focused on user flow and content. Since there is a lot of visual competition taking place on the Web and mobile, less is definitely more. If you are able to control white space, it will definitely improve experience of users, and ensure increasing returns from the website.

 Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Choose Strategic Colors:

Colors play an important role in the process of designing and improving a website. Opt for a color palette that looks nice and elegant. It is better to have a modern and an overall clean appearance. Using small hues and tinges of colors can actually work wonders. Make sure that the color palette matches with the theme of your website. If the color palette accentuates the look of your website then you are bound to succeed in drawing in more traffic.

Invest in Proper Photography:

Visitors on a website can always sniff out several generic photos within a second. Investing on professional photography is strongly recommended. You can also choose to buy photographs from stock photos.

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Choose Fonts that are Easy to Read:

When you choose fonts, always keep in mind that these days, people end up checking websites on laptops and also mobiles. So if the font is too large it might not be suitable for viewing on a mobile. Therefore, opt for a font that is universal and can be viewed on any kind of device.

Test Your Design:

Whether you are trying several placements for a call or even testing various types of colors, the look of your website can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Designing a Website is not a cakewalk but it might not be easy either. You have to make sure that it is visually appealing that ensures attracting more crowds.

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