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Digital Marketing Tendencies In 2021 – Overview By Website Optimization Service Provider

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that the world needs online business more than ever. The number of eCommerce projects has increased significantly, and the trends of SEO optimization have also changed.

To keep up with the new technologies and tendencies, it is necessary to approach many aspects of SEO in a new way. A good measure would be to use the eCommerce SEO experts service. In the meantime, if you an to figure out the details of the new strategy, there is a list of SEO trends that we are targeting in 2021.

Digital Marketing Tendencies

Optimized high-quality content

The only thing about SEO that never changes is the content. It affects absolutely everything: from the site’s structure and internal linking to the site’s links.

Moreover, in the fall of 2019, Google launched the BERT algorithm, which understands the nuances and context of words in search queries and selects relevant results.

By incorporating BERT into rankings and rich snippets, Google has taken a big step in evolving user intent-driven search.

As a result, now we got the following things.

Good content is written based on the user’s needs but not the phrases that the user enters into the search bar.

Keyword research tools are becoming less and less valuable. Now you need to talk to your audience to understand their needs and not just look at the keyword lists.

And so, to succeed, you need to write something relevant and valuable – SEOs need to learn how to write. Google’s algorithms aren’t perfect yet, and there will be content that ranks well when it shouldn’t. However, in the future, such content will be less and less common.

A good idea is to revise the content of your resource for different articles with the same meaning. Over time, the pages will begin to compete not with other sites but with each other. This is the time to evaluate your content quality and optimize it for users, not search engines.


In 2020, Google put a strong emphasis on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) and both companies’ and authors’ reputations whose content is published on behalf of the company.

Companies with problems with reputation, reliability, customer service, or other parameters of expertise and reliability have had a tough time.

It has become much more challenging to get high visibility of the site in Google for queries related to the user’s life and well-being without the author’s expertise on the subject.

UX and technical SEO

There is a need to think about the user’s interaction with the site from the first steps in the search results – from the snippet to the reminder of the company after the visitor has left the site (remarketing, personalization on repeated visits, etc.).

Think about how we can help your users get the best possible experience and what value our landing brings to the user during the visit.

Speaking of technical SEO and UX, it is necessary to never forget about page load time. This is one of the most critical parameters, which began to play an essential role in the SEO optimization process.

Mobile SEO

Even though mobile traffic in some topics is up to 60%, many sites still do not have a mobile version.

Make a website for mobile devices first, and then for desktops. The share of mobile search results in search engines is getting bigger and bigger. People are looking for any information from their phones.

But do not think that only one adaptive version of the site is the key to mobile SERP success. You need to study mobile SERP as closely as the desktop one.

Track the results of mobile search, your competitors and understand what kind of optimization is needed in the mobile search segment.

Structured data

Unfortunately, search algorithms do not always understand the pages content correctly, and therefore we must give them “hints” about what is on the page and where.

This means that you need to structure the data so that search engines could better understand what is on the page and how each element of it interacts with others and how the page itself is related to the rest of the site.

Correctly designed micro-markup has become the basis because it allows you to publish content for any system/search/voice assistant.

Optimization for voice requests

Google voice search has grown 35 times since 2008.

20% of all mobile requests are voice.

And so, what to do to receive traffic for voice requests.

Be in the TOP-3. This is an inalienable rule. It is not the TOP-10, but the TOP-3, since Google chooses sites from the top three to answer voice queries.

Use direct entry of the question in the content of the landing page, and it is crucial to give an accurate and detailed answer to the question posed.

Create an FAQ section with detailed but short answers to frequently asked questions.

Conversion is more valuable than traffic.

Many visits and views are certainly good indicators that speak about the quality of work that is done to attract visitors. However, a site is not always defined by the number of visitants. While increasing traffic, it is necessary to remember the target action that the user who gets to the resource must perform.

A site with lower traffic can convert many more applications than, for example, some millionaire blog. But this is already luck and an indicator of the quality of the resource.

By analyzing this SEO trend, it is recommended to choose the right website development goal. If you sell products or provide services, then focus on conversions, not traffic.

Based on this, you can build a reliable optimization strategy, choose the suitable sites for promotion, choose the right keywords and, as a result, sell more goods and services.

Summing up, we can say that the current trends of SEO require making sites that are convenient for people, not for robots, making quality content, speeding up the site, and increasing expertise and user confidence.

And to do it most effectively and not to miss important details, it is always a good decision to use an eCommerce website optimization service.

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