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Use E-mail Accounts Carefully, To Keep Hackers Away From Your Personal Info!

Use E-mail Accounts Carefully

Every now and then, you may come across news that a particular account has been hacked. Hacking has become a very frequent happening. Any unsafe internet activity of the user may pave a way for the hackers. Once the account is hacked, you cannot imagine the havoc that you might face. However, there are ways to be protected against these attacks.

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Without any further ado, let us start with the things that you must follow while using your e-mail accounts.

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E-mail accounts:

  • Make sure that you make use of all the verification processes while creating an e-mail account—SMS verification, Phone verification, security questions, etc. More the steps of verification stronger your account will be.

  • Many of the users might not know that no e-mail service provider ensures 100 percent security of your account. So, you need to do everything that will ensure security to a great extent.

  • Using your first and last name to create an e-mail account might be easy for you to remember, but do know the fact that it will become easier for the hackers to crack it. Better would be use a figure or some other character in between to make it tougher for the hackers to guess it.

  • Do not make a mistake of sharing your e-mail passwords with friends or anybody else. Try not to save it in your computer and saving it in public systems is a big NO. You might save it in the ‘draft’ box of your e-mail account, which is a bad idea again, as this is the place that can be accessed by the hackers, if they get through your account.

  • Add additional information like an alternative e-mail address or a phone no., so that you can recover your password, if it is hacked by any chance.

  • Do not react promptly to e-mails that state that your account has chances of being compromised. It might have happened, but take your time to understand whether it is a legitimate e-mail or not.

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  • If it is not from the real e-mail service provider, there are chances that there would be a grammatical mistake or a spoofed logo in the mail or a link to change the password or anything suspicious to grab your attention.

  • Always, make sure that you do not click on any link to change the password. Rather, do it through the account. If you’re suspicious about the e-mail in your inbox, contact the e-mail service provider and do not take any action, before the team reverts to you.

  • These days, you might be receiving e-mails saying that you have won prizes or any advertisements. It’s good to be suspicious and do not make a mistake of clicking the links that they provide in the e-mails. These links could be capable of taking you to malicious websites and from there; virus might pass into your system to wreak havoc on you.

So, Friends Use the E-mail Accounts Carefully, To Keep Hackers Away From Your Personal Info! and Just Comment below if you have any questions.

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