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Top 10 Educational Android Apps to Learn Something New

Want to learn something? Don’t have enough budget to pay for classes? No problem! Till there are smartphones in this world, you can do anything easily. Using smartphones to learn is a growing trend thanks to the efforts of cross-platform learning services.

Best Educational Apps for Android Phones

Educational apps for android

Android education apps

In this article, I am going to show you the Best 10 Educational Android Mobile Apps that you can use to learn in an easy and handy way. So if you are ready to learn, let us see the best apps for education which are available for now in the Android’s Play Store.

Cool Education Apps for Android

1. Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform which allows people to take courses on various things like Android & Apple App development, Programming Language courses and so on. With Udemy, you can improve your development skills.  The app offers courses in virtually everything I could think of and they add more all the time. This app is really great.

2. Coursera

Coursera is just like Udemy, they are one of the best places to get an online education for free. The service currently offers over 600 courses from more than 100 institutions, ranging from Scandinavian Film and Television to Cryptography classes from Stanford. There’s a heavy focus on practical and in-demand skills like programming and education.

3. Viewer for Khan Academy

Khan Academy is already a popular website for people who want to learn more with 4,000+ micro lectures that break down complex university topics into terms that can be understood by everyday people. Khan Academy Videos is a sort of extension app that allows you to view educational video content from their website on your mobile device so you can learn things on your smartphone.

4. 3D Brain

3D Brain app is a 3D model of a brain that shows people the various parts of the brain and explains their functionality. 3D Brain also explains things like what happens when various parts of the brain are injured and each part’s role in mental illness. 3D Brain is not so professional, but it is just a fun educational app.

5. Star Chart

Do you love  enjoying watching stars at night? Star Chart brings the night sky right to your phone (or tablet) and grants you the ability to explore it from any angle. There is a bunch of information about most of them so you can learn about those things that hover in the night sky. Star Chart’s database includes all 88 constellations and 120,000+ different stars.

6. English Grammar Book

Want to become fluent in the English language? Then you might need to be perfect in English Grammar. Most of them know how to speak and write English but are hesitant as we are not too sure about our command over the grammar. So for this we will use an android app which is known as English Grammar Book. This  app has notes and tests on basics like Voices, Tenses, Prepositions, Adverbs and many other grammatical syntaxes. Try this app and start speaking English fluently.

7. Chemistry Helper

This android app will help you a lot in chemistry, Chemistry Helper app links to Wikipedia articles and various mathematical tools to calculate molecular masses, compound masses and other calculations pertaining to Chemistry. This app will be a life saviour for students who need quick and reliable resources.

8. Duolingo

You might want to learn a new language. then Duolingo is the best android education app for you. You can learn German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. This is a user-friendly app with a good interface and a step-by-step guide to making learning a foreign language easy.

9. Edmodo

Edmodo is a full-featured social network designed for the educational environment. It has the look of Facebook, which grabs students’ interest, but it also has controls in place to help protect their privacy and promote positive interactions among students and teachers.


The Android app is free and very smart dictionary app available right now. You do need the internet or Wi-Fi connection at the beginning, so you can download the files and install the app. Once you’re done with that, you can safely enjoy offline.

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I know there are a lot of apps which I missed, but these are my favorite ones which I use in my daily life and just have fun using them, If I missed any awesome Android learning app, do let me know in the comments below! Do share this informative post with your family & friends. 😀

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