Why You Need To Ensure SEO Friendly Backlinks In 2017

Considering its usefulness in the online corporate field, SEO is an ever-present phrase on the web. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves various strategies aimed at enhancing visibility of a site is search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing just to list a few.

Establish SEO Friendly Backlinks In 2017

SEO Friendly Backlinks In 2017

As such, one of main features of a good SEO is backlinks. So, what are backlinks? Otherwise, denoted as IBLs, backlinks refer to the inbound links from another blog or site.

If you have a site with a big amount of inbound links derived from high quality sites, there are greater possibilities of an enhanced performance in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Let’s take for instance, you are personally known to highly reputed characters in your country, don’t you think people in your society will regard you with a lot of respect too? Sure. But if robbers and other types of wrongdoers are your friends, then you will be considered as being one of them as well.

More so, in the event that your site comprises of links attained from high quality websites, it is likely to be regarded as being of high quality in search engines as well. Conversely, if it includes spammy links from unrelated sites, then there are chances that popular search engines like Google will not value it and this could also impact negatively on its current rating. In this case, for a site to be successful and well performing in SERPs, it must include backlinks from related sites or blogs only.

If you are looking forward to creating backlinks safely, then you must be prepared to earn them rather than employing the grey or black hat strategies. It is possible to generate SEO friendly inbound links, create stellar posts, conduct influencer marketing and post infographics among other things.

Besides, you can easily develop a backlink plan by simply involving yourself in proficient review posts, and generating case studies among other SEO best practices. Visit us at to find more info concerning the best strategies to help you come up with high quality backlinks to your blog or website.

What is the relevance of backlinks in 2017?

Looking at the Google’s updated algorithms, it is clear that backlinks remain an essential ranking factor. However, quite a great number of website owners utilize them in developing links devoid of understanding the right way to safely create high quality SEO-friendly backlinks.

Generally, what matters is not the number of backlinks your site has but quality. In the event that you choose to personally build your own links or employ an expert to do it for you, it is always important to understand the best way of doing it. The trick here is that your backlink building strategy must go in line with Google’s guidelines.

When creating backlinks in 2017, it is critical to consider the following:

1) Shun spamming

Shun spamming

Following Google’s numerous updates, there is no doubt that if you indulge in anything that may seem fishy, your site risks being penalized. Unlike in the past when link builders generated links by simply linking their sites to numerous article and web directories as well press releases etc – and it worked pretty well for them – things have greatly changed following Google’s smart move to monitor spammers. Therefore, only accept inbound links from genuine sources.

2) Stay away from spammy anchor tag

Initially, SEO was more concerned with the amount of backlinks you attain from high page ranking sites through a specific anchor tag. While it worked during that time, in the Penguin era, it is a crime to carry out link spamming. Using a common anchor tag on multiple websites to build links is a punishable offence by Google. In this case, when creating links it is recommended that you use a variety of anchor tags on different sites.

Bottom line

In order to stay at the top of search engine results, it is vital to apply a linking process that is safe. The point here is that all your backlinks should be natural if you want to rank high on search engines. Click on to learn more on the same.

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