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ES File Explorer File Manager App for Android

For smartphone user ES File Explorer is a must have file manager application that makes your device’s file managing extremely easy and keeps your device clean as well as managed.

You can read the review below to learn more about this popular multi-function productive application and how does it work to make your file management or file operation easy.

ES File Explorer File Manager Android App

ES File Explorer File Manager Review

ES File Explorer File Manager

What is ES File Explorer File Manager?

ES File Explorer is a free manager for files like multimedia, documents, and applications to use both locally and networked.

ES File Explorer and File Manager is the world’s most powerful android device file manager with has over 300 million users.

Why ES File Explorer File Manager?

Here are some of the highlights of ES File Explorer:

• File Manager:

Using file manager you can check zipped files and install applications right away.

• Multimedia Explorer:

as easy as a click to play any music, videos, and check images as well as any documents in your android device disk.

• Cloud Storage:

It supports all the cloud storage service providing platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Yandex and more other cloud platforms.

ES File Explorer YouTube Review:

ES File Explorer (File Manager) Review

Let’s download the app from Google Play Store here, and I’ll review its features and productivity:

You can check out the video here as well:

1. ES File Explorer homepage lists various options.In the homepage, it has icon option of images, music, movies, documents and app. Homepage also displays SD card with its memory space and sections like tools and bookmarks with shortcuts of internal files as well as online popular sites.

At bottom, there are options like New, Search, Refresh, Toolbox and Windows.

ES File Explorer Home Page

ES File Explorer Home Page

2. There are various options in the menu bar which includes:

Favorite Menu: It has many options of internal files as well as online web pages just like a bookmark page where you can add favorite shortcuts into it (for which you also have add option in it).

Local Menu: it include options like Home page, home, device, downloads and SD cards.

Tools have options like

(a) Download Manager:

Using the download manager you can manage new files to download.

(b) System Manager:

It’s an option for another application called ES Task Manager that will let you kill task with a single touch. You can also clean cache or unwanted files.

(c) SD Card Analyst:

As the name suggests it will analyze your SD card and show you information related to it.

(d) Music Player:

To play music.

(e) Hide List:

You can hide list using it.

(f) Recycle Bin:

Just like in your PC, it’s a dustbin of your deleted files.

(g) Show icon on folder, Root Explorer, Gesture, and Show hidden files: are some other options which you can turn on or off based on your requirement.

Along with all the above options, ES File Explorer also has some other important options such as Library which shows collection of different type of files, Network Menu that offers you to share files via FTP, LAN, Cloud, and Bluetooth. From here you can also manage your device using PC. And Settings in ES File Explorer (File Manager) that has sub-settings options like Display Setting and APP Setting.

ES File Explorer File Manager Features

So, below are the features of ES File Explorer (File Manager) which are as follows:

1. File and Application Manager:

You can manage your files and perform all short of options like copy & paste, move, delete, create, search, send, share, hide, bookmarks and create shortcuts.

All these operations and options can be performed on your Android device’s local files as well as remotely over a network from your computer.

Using Application Manager, you can categorize your device applications, uninstall, create shortcuts, and backup.

2. Remote File Manager:

Using this feature you can manage your files on your android phone from your computer.

3. Built-in ZIP and RAR support:

This feature is really awesome that I liked about ES File Explorer because this feature allows you to unpack RAR files, create encrypted ZIP files (AES 256 bit) and decompress & compress ZIP files in your device.

4. Built-in files players and viewers:

App has built-in features of files player and viewers that support photos, multimedia files like videos and music as well as third-party applications like Quick Office for better flexibility of the app in productivity.

5. Text viewers and editors, thumbnails preview:

It also shows thumbnails for images and APKs. Also has text viewing and editing features.

6. Access Home PC:

The best part about this android application is that you can access your in-home PC using your android smartphone via Wi-Fi with SMB.

7. Function as FTP and WebDAV client:

This features shows how productive and useful this application is, completely different and full with excellent features from any other File Manager Apps. Using ES File Explorer you can manage files on FTPS, SFP, FTP and WebDAV servers as simple as you manage your files on your SD card of your smartphone.

8. Bluetooth file browser:

You don’t have to download another application if you want to transfer files between two Bluetooth ready devices because ES file Explorer has that feature as well.

Using this application, you can transfer and copy-paste files between devices. It supports OBEX FTP for transferring and browsing files from one Bluetooth ready device to another device.

9. Single Tap Tasks:

ES File Explorer (File Manager) kill task with a single touch which increases device memory and speed up your device, it include a widget for your smartphone home screen that notifies you about your RAM current situation and kill task automatically.

For to make sure it do not kill every application that make device slow there is an Ignore List using which you can ignore apps that you want to stay running (task manager module is required for the feature).

10. Root Explorer:

For root users it has ultimate file management tools sets that provide access to the file system as well as data directories. It also allows user to change permissions.

11. Auto-start Manager and Cache Cleaner:

This application feels like an all in one tools package for me.As it also has feature like cache cleaner, you can clean junk and unwanted files to cleanup your devices storage space although Task Manager Module is also required for this feature as well.

12. Supports Multiple Languages:

This application support multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Czech, Italian, Tamil, Turkish and etc.

ES File Explorer File Manager Rating

It is very popular application; there are lots of users for ES Files Explorer (File Manager). With total of 1,966,637+ downloads, it is 4.5 stars rating android application on Google Play Store checkout here.


ES File Explorer (File Manager) is an excellent multi-function productive file manager and explorer application that helps you to keep your files clean and managed. It is also easy to use and the best in the market.

I recommend you to download it and let me know if you have any doubts or want to share your experience with it. 😀

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