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Fly Media Network – The Best Affiliate Network for the Middle East!

Fly Media provides e-commerce business with a wide array of performance marketing services. They’ve been a pioneer in the digital marketing industry in Middle East & India and they derive best feedback for their clients.

When digital marketing was in a nascent stage, Fly Media came into this industry and since then, they’ve evolved in abiding by the modern tools and techniques of online marketing. They not only deliver sales services but also the leads and the online presence without which marketing would be nothing.

Fly Media Network

At Fly Media, their expertise is Cost-per-sale, cost-per-lead, cost-per-installs, cost-per-click, social media, cost-per-download, video marketing and search engine marketing campaigns. Fly Media serves the role of an extension of the marketing team of the client, helping them in finding out new ways of growing and expanding their business.

Advertisers are also able to boost their online sales by leveraging the mammoth performance marketing network of Fly Media along with seeking help of the expert consultative services.

The services provided by Fly Media, when combined with technology innovation lets publishers and advertisers get new customers and also retain the older ones, drive results and boost revenue. Read on to know more on this affiliate network in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, you can promote airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways luxury brands like H&M, Vogacloset among an extensive list of options that you can find in the top affiliate network in UAE.

Fly Media – What are they best in?

Among the various services that are offered by Fly Media, these are the few that they’re best in.

  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is promotional advertising that lets the marketers and advertisers enhance their brand development and reduce costs with real-time results.
  • Performance Marketing: This is a type of marketing that is entirely based on results where advertisers are benefited with fixed marketing costs for the best results.
  • Programmatic Marketing: Thanks to real-time bidding and artificial intelligence, RTB programmatic ads can be easily used for social media advertising, online display, video and mobile campaigning and also explore the world of traditional TV.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing helps brands in engaging with users through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and it is suitable for all kinds of brands. Social media marketing is hot nowadays!

Reasons to seek help of Fly Media Affiliate Network

Fly Media is one of the best digital marketing agencies of the Middle East that offers you premium online marketing services that help you in growing your business.

They work with all sizes of businesses, small, medium and large and steer them towards the right direction so that they may fly high with their sales and revenue. It isn’t just enough to get your company a professional website as you have to invest more. Here’s why you should seek help of Fly Media.

  • High quality ROI: With the help of best quality traffic, content marketing, conversions and media buying methods, they help you achieve good quality Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Real-time reporting: Through real-time technology, you can use data and related resources whenever the data enters the system. This leads to quick decision-making for heightening the campaigns.
  • Team of young professionals: Fly Media has a team of young professionals who have more than 10 long years of experience in digital space. Hence you can be rest assured that you’ll get the best quality service.
  • Campaign Models: Fly Media also have various models for campaigning like CPS, CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI, CPC, CPUV and several others that assist in measuring the performance of the campaign.

Fly Media is the best resort for Advertisers

Fly Media is probably the best performance marketing solutions for the advertisers with campaign models mentioned above. They help advertisers in achieving all their marketing goals. Here’s how Fly Media helps advertisers.

  • Increase direct sales and traffic.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Payment after results.
  • Advertising without any risk.
  • Fraud management policy.
  • Receiving sustainable results through time.
  • Communication and creative development.

How Fly Media helps Publishers

Fly Media’s performance marketing solutions allows the affiliate publishers to optimize their online presence with proper revenue generating campaigns online.

They promote target-based ads and interest-based ads for the premium network with the help real time tracking mechanism that increases conversion rates, click-though and also boosts revenue. Here’s how publishers can benefit from Fly Media Affiliate.

  • Top campaigns to promote.
  • Perfect real time tracking along with reporting.
  • Highest possible payouts of commission.
  • Net 30 days of payment policy.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Performance incentives for the best performers.
  • Exclusive offers/coupons/creative from the client to assist you in optimizing your marketing campaign.

Fly Media – Expertise and their Happy Clients

Thanks to the stellar services provided by Fly Media, they have already gained expertise in the form of.

  • 1275 campaigns
  • 2000 publishers
  • 500+ advertisers
  • 50000 clicks/traffic.

They also have their happy clients like Alshaya, Moms Co, AliExpress, Photobook, Mobvoi, Kkday, Mumzworld, Golden Scent, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Jumia, Tbdress, Zaful. Sprii, Al Tayer, L’Occitane, Namshi, Berrylook & many others.

The Progress of Fly Media

Fly Media takes it as a challenge to execute and design any new campaign before the in-depth study by their superior team of professionals. They decide on things only after taking into account the present situation and position that may be able to bring highest ROI to clients.

This is later on separated as a campaign that could be in various models like CPL, CPS and CPC to start off with. So, the process goes like this.

  • Meeting
  • Plan
  • Execution
  • Report Analysis
  • Optimization.

How to contact Fly Media

Would you wish to ask a question or would you like to know more information on Fly Media or get some suggestions? If yes, you can send them a message with the form that is given in their official website They’ll soon get back to you in no time. You can also email them at [email protected].

So, if you’re an advertiser or a publisher looking for a worthy affiliate network in the Middle East, you can definitely opt for Fly Media for all the above listed reasons and services.

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