How to Gain the Most Productivity from Technology

Technology was designed to make life easier. However, it has become complicated. There are now so many different devices, and many different apps that go with these different devices. You can find yourself struggling to use your items productively, and may find that you’re losing hours playing around with them.

Gain Productivity from Technology

Gain Productivity from Technology

They can be useful for your productivity, and that of your employees. Here are five steps to gain the most productivity from your technology.

Step 1: Limit Your Devices

You don’t need every device available. Limit the amount you have to those that you can manage and realistically need. A desktop computer or laptop is often enough when you’re in the office. You can then consider a mobile device and smartphone for when you are out and about.

Gain Productivity from Technology

The more devices you have, the more complicated your life becomes. You have to think about all the different apps, and work out how each device works.

Step 2: Limit Your Operating Systems

Try to get everything running on the same operating system. The only one that you may choose to have a different system is your computer, if you prefer iOS or Android systems for your mobile devices.

Gain Productivity from Technology

When you have everything on the same system, you only have one system to learn how to use. It will be easier to switch between the different options. There is also the benefit of syncing the different devices together. Once you update a calendar on one device, all your devices will be synced together and you don’t need to worry about carrying a certain item around with you all day, for example.

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Step 3: Choose Apps Carefully

You don’t need to download every single app available. You just end up clogging up your device, running out of space and using up the battery. The apps are supposed to help improve your productivity, but having too many will work the other way.

Gain Productivity from Technology

Only download the ones that you definitely need. If you’re stuck between a couple of options, look into the reviews and find out how each one will help you. Then download one and play around with it to see if it does work the way you expected. If not, get rid of it. Try to find ones that will sync with your different devices, and are designed for productivity.

Never download something if you don’t have the time to play around with it right now. You want to know how it benefits you and how it works. If you leave it for another time, it will just sit on your device wasting space.

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Step 4: Don’t Check Emails or Texts Straight Away

By being in a world of instant messaging and being able to check emails on the go, people expect replies instantly. If you give into these whims, your customers or clients will continue to expect this. It’s important to give it some time until you’re at a point in your day when you can spend time on emails and texts.

Gain Productivity from Technology

Checking them as soon as they come through will put you off your work. You could be in the middle of a report or doing the finances for your business. Checking the emails takes you away from that task, and then you have to get back into the right mindset when you return.

Step 5: Try the Pomodoro Technique

You need time away from technology, and the Pomodoro technique is perfect for this. You set a timer, usually for 25 minutes, and work solidly through that time. Once the timer goes off, you have a five minute break away from the PC or your mobile device. Then you come back and set the timer again.

Gain Productivity from Technology

This boosts your productivity because your brain gets the breaks it needs. Your wrists will also appreciate the time off the computer, and your back appreciates the time out of the chair. You may think breaks are for the weak, but they really are needed to keep your productivity levels up.

Technology is supposed to make your productivity better. However, you can only do that when you use it effectively. Help your employees become more productive workers, and use web monitoring software to see how your tools are working.

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