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Your Space Should be Comfortable: Even Gamers Enjoy the Comfort of Well-Crafted Furniture

Gaming is hard on the body. According to Michigan State University’s Ergonomics Committee, gamers are at risk of various repetitive strain injuries as well as pain or numbness in the hands, wrists, and back. Not only that, but it’s hard to play at your best when you’ve got shooting pains in your lumbar region!

Gaming Well-Crafted Furniture and Desk Ideas

Gaming Well-Crafted Furniture

You can avoid these problems by using well-crafted, ergonomic furniture and setting it up properly. Here’s how.

1) Gaming Chairs

The University of North Carolina gives four key recommendations for the ideal chair setup if you sit at desks for long periods. Firstly, your seat height should be adjustable — set the height so that your thighs are parallel with the ground.

Secondly, the back should be adjustable so that you can switch between upright and slightly reclined positions periodically. Thirdly, armrests should not block you from getting close to the desk. Finally, look for a pedestal or five-castor base.

The X Rocker chair is a great benchmark to go by. As well as meeting these requirements, it has another quality you should look out for — build quality. Lower-quality chairs might last two years but only be comfortable for one.

2) Gaming Desk 

Gaming Desk

Besides having enough space for your tower, speakers, and other paraphernalia, the key to a comfortable desk is getting the right height. For this reason, you need to get a good chair and set it up correctly first. Once you’ve done that, check the height of your elbows when your arms are bent and relaxed by your sides. The desk height should be the same height, or a maximum of one inch higher than this.

As for the monitors, the top edge should be in line with your eyes, and they should be one arm’s length away from you. Of course, you’ll change positions slightly as the game goes on — that’s why the ideal desk has an adjustable height and monitor arms, so that it can adapt around you. The Evodesk is an example of a high-quality desk that ticks all of these boxes.

3) Racing Simulators

Racing chairs are a different beast to desk chairs. As they’re designed to emulate real car seats, they constrict and restrain your movement. Therefore, getting the right chair is crucial — and adjustability is the key. You need to be able to adjust the back tilt and the distance from the pedals so that your hips are at roughly the same height as your knees.

Also, the gear stick needs to be close to the seat, to minimize the strain on the shoulders. The GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair sets the gold standard here and is recommended by many independent review sites, for example, it’s the highest-rated chair at Top Ten Select’s list of the best gaming chairs.


If you spend any time gaming, comfort needs to be on your list of priorities. Some eSports professionals have already had to retire due to repetitive strain injuries. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you — get some well-crafted, ergonomic gear. Your health and your performance will benefit. 🙂

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