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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posts In 2021

Guest posting has been popular among bloggers who want to increase their audience. In simple words, guest posting means you write content for other blogs that write on similar types of content.

Why Write Guest Posts?

Guest posts come with a ton of benefits. The main benefit is that it allows you to reach a larger audience. That way, you can refer to your own blog using hyperlinks so that readers from the other blog take a look at yours, or you can add other backlinks.

Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting

The amount of money you earn is dependent on visits. Writing guest posts may bring people to your blog. Which, in turn, can boost your income by a lot. Some blogs also allow you to add affiliate links, which can be helpful in earning more money.

Reaching out to a larger audience will not only boost your income but also build up trust. If you write your posts for some reputed sites and if your information is relevant, you will be considered a trusted author. Keep that up, and people will recognize you as an expert in this field.

If you build links from high-quality websites, the position of your site in search result pages will increase a lot.

Writing posts on other people’s blogs will help you build up your presence. You can add backlinks about you, your page, which may increase your subscribers. Also, if people share your post, you will be tagged on social media.

As you keep on working with different blog owners and editors, you can build up a network. This can help in building long-term relations, and you can create new partnerships in the future.

Find Guest Websites

To start writing guest posts, you need to find a blog that publishes content in which you specialize. At first, you may face some difficulty in making blog owners accept your posts, so it is better to look for multiple options.

Firstly, you can take the help of Google to find blogs that post content related to your niche.  There are several ways to search for the appropriate site in Google.

Type in the format “topic + blogs” in the search bar. For example, type “technical + blogs” or any other topic. This is one of the best ways to find suitable guest sites.

You can visit their blogs and check out if they accept guest posts. You can also check out their ratings and determine whether posting there would boost the value of your website.

If you want, you can use the advanced search features of Google. The general format for these operators is “your niche” + “write for us.” Try out other phrases like “accepting guest posts,” and you may find the blog that is perfect for you.

You can also visit Twitter to find blogs that accept guest posts. Just type the keyword and write “guest post” beside it.

You can take a look at other communities like Reddit as well to connect with bloggers in your niche who will accept guest posts.

Taking Help of Third-Party Websites

Finding blogs that accept guest posts, setting up backlinks, contacting blog owners, and staying in touch with the target audience – all of these can be tough if you had to do all of them separately. What if you could manage all of these things in a single website so that you can focus more on writing quality content?

That is where Adsy comes in. Adsy is an online platform that connects publishers and buyers of backlinks. This is a great way for both guest writers and blog owners to build up their websites.

Blog publishers can monetize their website and make it visible to advertisers. The best part is that you don’t have to own a site to monetize it. All you need is to get an edit and publish access to the site. Also, you can add multiple sites at once and get them queued for moderation.

Adsy will also help you find guest writers who will provide relevant content for your website. You also have full control over which content will be posted on your blogs. There are tons of other benefits for publishers. Go check them out.

Adsy for marketers allows you to find websites with good traffic where you can post your content. They will provide weighty backlinks, which can drastically increase your ranks in search engines. You will be able to connect to your viewers in your preferred medium, and Adsy will make sure that it is done properly.

They will increase the number of branded content, which will lead to increased customer count and loyalty. Adsy will place the content automatically, and all the requested links will be present there.

Choosing the Right Blog

Now that you have found lots of blogs that accept guest posts, it is time to find the one where you are going to post it. Make sure that the site has content that you are familiar with.

Check out the content of that blog and see if it publishes quality content. You can also check out reviews of other people.

Find out the number of views the blog gets per month and see if posting content there can bring you new readers.

Make sure that they allow you to put backlinks to your profile and blog. You can also build up a good relationship with the owner so that you can get more freedom writing posts and can form partnerships in the future.

Choosing the Perfect Topic

Now that you have found the site, the next step is to choose a killer topic so that it gets approved by the blog owner.

The best way to do so is to find out what the people want the most. Check out the popular posts on the guest site.

There are websites like Ahrefs where you can see what the top pages in your niche are and check out their popular posts. Or you can go to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to find out which topics are popular.

It is a good choice to check the guest site’s guidelines or ask the blog owner directly to get some ideas.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know from us about how to start writing guest posts. Try to provide multiple articles at once, as it can increase your chances of getting selected.

The initial phases may be tough as you will face some competition but keep learning from your mistakes and try to do better. Also, don’t forget to check out Adsy so that you can manage all the work related to guest posting on one platform.

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