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Types Of Trending Wedding Invitations

Is your wedding around the corner, and you are confused about the type of wedding card? Then worry not as we are here with a variety of options, from the basic invite to an extravagant one, there are several options.

One might not be able to share his happiness with others emotionally, but through invites, you can express your feelings. So if you are willing to share your wedding’s excitement with your friends and family members then it would be better that you choose some of the best wedding cards.

Types Of Trending Wedding Invitations

One thing which a lot of people feel is the price and affordability issue for these cards. Therefore, we have a suggestion for you. Instead of having the same cards for all of your guests, you should choose different designs for different guests. Thus, you will need to invest as little money as possible.

There are several possibilities for wedding invitations, and you can always create a design of your own, thanks to the photo editors, and applications for illustration.

Thus, here we are with a few suggestions and ideas about wedding invitation design.

Bold and simple

The bold and simple wedding cards are the easiest to create. All you need to do is select a bold letter font, a tint for the card, some boundaries, and this is it. Set everything, and your card is good to go.

Most of the time, for bold wedding invitations people try black and golden colors. If they wish to have a soft and simple look, then you will need to use white or off-white, and light pink colours. Ten for cover you can try dark green, dark blues, and golden shades. These cards would look elegant and graceful.

The ones with flowers

Women particularly like floral prints, and they look great too. So if you also want to have a fresh look for your wedding invitation cards, then it is essential that you try the floral prints.

Those creating a custom wedding invitation should either create a floral pattern as a base for the card. It can be any flower. If you wish to give a colourful look, then a single or two flowers would also look good.

You can try rose, lily, or lavender. Another option is creating a vine, and then you can use that for the boundary of your card. Ensure that these flowers are very small.

The royal card

This can be a large and long card. You can have the edges of your card rolled inside. Then whenever the recipient opens the card, it will feel like an old royal-styled card, which everyone would love, as it will be a bit nostalgic. The colour palette for such cards can be golden and off-white, or any other royal colour.

Acrylic wedding invitation

If you wish to try something modern, then the acrylic wedding invitations. These are created for a solid hardware card. You can send these cards to your close friends and family members.

Vellum paper wedding invitation

Such cards look very attractive, you can create a design with the photo editor, and then you can have them printed on vellum paper. For the design, you can choose the bold names of the groom and the bride. Vellum paper cards are simple and have only a single logo.

Invitation cards with monograms and gates

This is also a fascinating card design. It comes with a gate made up of cardboard. Whenever the recipient opens that card, it will feel as if they are opening a gate. It is pretty attractive for people who love to have things related to the arts. These gates might cost you a bit more money, so it’s advised to only get a few copies.

Wax seal wedding invitation

It is also a trending idea for wedding invitations. You can order simple wedding cards, and to enhance its beauty you can use wax seals. These can be easily made at home, melt the wax, and then use a stamp for the wedding invitation.

This will add colour to the card. You can use these wax seals for all types of cards. These seals would be the pop of colour for our wedding invitation card.


Envelopes are also trending. You can get some great textured, and patterned envelopes. You can get these from any nearby store, or you can order some according to your need. These envelopes will give off a vibe like an older and classic invitation card.

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