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6 Awesome Tips for Using Hair Fibers

Every time you stand in front of a mirror, do you feel like that you have less hair than a week before? If the answer is yes, then you are suffering from hair loss, and it’s not a very good sign. Every human, may it be a man or a woman, faces this era in their life when they start losing their hair and all the efforts to save those hair go in vain.

Hair Building Fibers

When there is nothing to stop hair loss, and you can’t just go outside with such thin hair, you need to have a solution to make your hair look thick and shiny. And the perfect solution available are the hair fibers.

They add volume to your hair and cover the bald spots on your head by adhering to your original hair. They are also called as hair camouflage or hair concealers.

The hair fibers are a smart choice to make your hair look beautiful, but it takes some unique skills and technique to cover the thin hair and the bald spots properly.

So, what are those tips and tricks, they are not any secret, so let’s discuss them.

Use them on dry hair

The first and the most important thing you need to know about hair fibers is that you must apply them when your hair is dry. They don’t work well with wet hair.

The gel is also not recommended because it makes the hair stick together, therefore, providing less hair for the fibers to stick to.

However, if you still need to sue the gel, it is recommended that you use it before applying the fiber and then let it dry completely. Otherwise, your hair will become sticky and will give a very bad look.

The color

You will find hair fibers in 9 different natural colors, choose the one which best matches the color of your original hair. To get the best color, you can also mix two colors. Use a little of your creativity, and you can achieve your dream look, that’s guaranteed.

How much should you apply?

To give yourself the most natural look, we recommend that you don’t use a lot of hair fibers, use to an extent until it looks natural. If you apply too much of them, they will give out an unnatural look, and that’s not what you want. We want the hair to look naturally beautiful, and a lot of fibers would not help with that.

The fiber applicator

Hair Fiber Applicator Pump

Don’t do it all with your bare hands. There are specific tools created to apply the fibers. The hair fiber applicator is a very simple and easy to use the device. It can be attached to a bottle of fibers and allows to apply the fiber to be applied more precisely to the thin areas of the scalp. It gives a more natural look by spreading the fiber more uniformly on the hair.

Water and moisture

These two can be tricky things to handle. Water is not suitable for hair fibers. So, when you have it on don’t go playing in the rain or a dive in the pool, because it will be washed right away. Even if you are about to exercise, wash off the fiber because the swat will not be good for it and your hair.

Use a good shampoo

Use a good shampoo

Keeping your health is crucial because even the fibers will depend on your natural hair. Therefore, use a hair thickening shampoo so that you don’t need hair fibers to get the thick hair look. Keep your healthy and clean.

Hair fibers are an effective way to cover the bald areas and make your thin hair look thicker. They can help you to save yourself from a lot of questions and some judgmental eyes because you don’t have the hair that you had before.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?, it can be treated with the right diet and medical help and there is nothing to be ashamed of about it.

Just keep your hair healthy.

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