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Marketing Basics: How Often Should You Send Promotional Emails?

A product sells and becomes a success if it is good and is marketed well. You must have observed that even average movies who have been promoted well become huge money earners, while superlatively acted and well-directed movies that weren’t promoted well keep looking for viewers.

Basic Marketing Strategies

This is true for every product that is made. Marketing is an essential form of popularising the product so that potential customers indulge in buying it. Since technology has changed the way the world function, it is no wonder that something as important as marketing also needed to evolve.

The marketing strategy these days is based on internet usage. Print media is usually the route taken by established brands. The smaller upcoming brands and start-ups opt for digital marketing techniques including social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing etc.

What is email marketing?

One of the common strategies of digital marketing, email marketing involves sending a commercial message (popularising your product) to your potential customers. For effective marketing using this tool, you need to.

  • Identify your target audience which will be interested in the product.
  • Establish clear goals regarding your expectations from the strategy.
  • Find out creative ways for people to sign up for your email chain.
  • Develop a campaign for email marketing including the content and type of email marketing you would require for your product.
  • Make a schedule regarding when and how many times you will send the marketing email.

Once you optimize the process, email marketing can provide you with a potential list of prospective customers that can make or break your company. However, the major point of concern is How Often Should You Send Promotional Emails. What is the magical number that can transform your sales and make your product a success?

1] Email marketing can tweak your business results positively

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, especially email marketing. You should know when and how many times you should send your marketing emails since click-through rates (CTR) are extremely low in some industries.

One of the major reasons why most people receiving marketing emails dislike it is that they haven’t subscribed to them, unless, it is about something that can be beneficial for them. Even if the product is valuable, the marketing email sent at the wrong time will end up as spam without any conversion of the customer.

The subscriber list of any company can reduce considerably if they keep sending emails incessantly. Thus, it is of extreme importance to know what is the ideal number of emails that you should send to communicate with your prospective clients without being pushy!

According to reports, most marketing associations prefer to send 2-3 emails in a month, some send just a single mail in a month while others send 6-8 per month. Considering that there is variation in numbers, it depends on the customers and the product as to How Often Should You Send Promotional Emails.

2] Factors to consider before sending promotional emails

If you are thinking of email marketing as a strategy to popularise your product, there are certain factors to consider which can impact your sales. These include.

1) Statistics from the industry 

One of the best ways to make a strategy for your campaign is to look at what your competitors are indulging in; the number of emails sent per week, return-on-investment etc. However, copying the strategy isn’t a wise move. You need to adjust depending on your subscriber base, and your goals regarding your marketing strategy.

2) Nature of product or service provided

Your email marketing strategies depends on what your product or services are. A news portal or service provider like taxi etc. would benefit from regular updates to their clients, while sellers of air conditioners or similar services would benefit from sending marketing emails in summers than in winters.

3) Type of email

The type of email marketing message depends on what your objective is, promoting a product or asking for opinion for a survey poll. It would be beneficial if you made your point in the very first email unless curiosity is what you are aiming for.

3] How to set the frequency of email marketing?

Email marketing

If you are worried about how to decide the frequency of email marketing, here are some tips to help you.

  • Start a poll where you ask your customers the frequency at which they would love to receive information about your product and/or service. Alternately, you can use a newsletter to ask your customers to choose the frequency of promotional emails.
  • Keep in mind the figures of the opening rate, the number of subscriptions as well as cancellation of subscriptions to strategize your email marketing strategy.
  • Engaging rate of the customer is one of the basic fundamentals that you should remember while designing your email marketing. In the case of low engagement rates, you can increase or decrease the number of emails sent to the clients per week.
  • However, not all emails are meant for purchase but can be promotional in nature too. They are meant for generating goodwill. However, make sure that the email you send the client is not spam and useless for the user.

4] How are changes in email frequency taken by customers?

Once you have made changes in the frequency of sending marketing emails, there are different ways in which your subscribers can react to these changes.

1) Unsubscribe your emails or mark them as spams

This is the worst thing that could happen to any marketer. However, this takes place majorly due to too many marketing emails sent. One of the ways to avoid is by decreasing the frequency of sending marketing emails. Email frequency is, therefore, a primary concern. You can also personalize the message of marketing email content.

2) They become disengaged

Sending customers low-value emails frequently can result in a negative impact. Clients simply open and delete the mails, sometimes without reading them too.

This can also impact other factors too. Before adopting a new email marketing strategy, test on a small portion of clients to see the impact. Clicking on links without any change in revenue is not beneficial.

3) No noticeable change in the pattern

Changing the frequency of email marketing might result in no change in sales. This can occur if a section of the client base responds positively to the increased frequency while the other does not result in any sales or ends up unsubscribing to the marketing emails.

This essentially balances each other out resulting in no change. You can segment your customer base and design specific marketing strategies, especially concerning the frequency of sending emails.

4) Your sales increase

This is one outcome that every company indulging in email marketing is hoping for. Just by increasing the frequency of marketing emails at the appropriate time and sending the clients relevant content, you can increase your company’s sales considerably.

If you are looking for a channel partner for email marketing, eSputnik is a great option. It is an Omnichannel marketing automation service that allows you to easily manage multiple channel messaging campaigns with ease.

The various marketing channels available with eSputnik include Viper, Mobile push, Web Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and other instant messengers like Telegram etc. 

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