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Functions of the Cloud PBX that Have to be Configured First

All functions of the cloud PBX can be configured independently in a personal account. You can purchase a phone number, download a softphone with ready-made settings, set forwarding to a mobile phone to receive incoming calls, and set up a voice menu immediately after registration on the Freezvon website. You can make outgoing calls after choosing a tariff and concluding an agreement for the provision of communication services.

Functions of the Cloud PBX

Get a virtual number

Connect a virtual phone number in UAE or with any other country/city code where your customers are located so that your customers are not embarrassed by the need to make a long-distance call to the company. Such a number will positively affect the efficiency of the sales department. It is known that people are more willing to answer calls from local numbers.

Set up call forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to receive calls coming to a landline phone number connected to the cloud PBX on a mobile phone. This is a convenient feature for those employees who work on the road and are not constantly on the telephone.

Install the softphone

A softphone is a desktop or smartphone application that allows users to make or receive calls. The application works on mobile devices and desktop computers. The application for iOS and Android devices can be quickly set up by taking a picture of the QR code.

Set up an IVR

A properly configured IVR service (in other words, a voice menu) is an indispensable assistant for an entrepreneur. It is especially needed by those companies in which the bulk of customers are serviced by phone. Buyers can independently connect with the right manager or get information without waiting for the secretary’s answer.

Why is IVR useful?

  • It reduces the administrator workload. The client can independently resolve issues that do not require the participation of a live employee: contact the necessary department, clarify the balance of the personal account, tariff conditions, etc.
  • Increases the speed of customer service. For example, if the caller knows the internal number of an employee, he/she can immediately connect with him/her. The client receives answers to the most frequent questions without involving an operator.
  • Calls are accepted outside business hours. IVR will inform the client about the work schedule, current promotions and offers, and also redirect the caller to voicemail.

How to create an IVR that doesn’t annoy customers? You need to take into account several important nuances to make the voice assistant work as productively as possible. Take care of a simple and intuitive menu. Customers call the company to get information about products or services and to place an order.

The more menu items, the less likely the customer will make it to the end. That is why do not complicate the voice menu when setting up IVR. No more than 3-5 items in the first level menu and 2-3 sub-items in each of them are the best options.

Customers want the call to be answered as quickly as possible. If the person has to wait more than two minutes for a response, he/she will hang up. This problem can be solved by a competent call routing setup.

Customize call routing based on average call time, number of agents, most popular questions, and more to shorten the customer journey to the right employee. A well-thought-out queue for distributing calls among employees also helps to quickly respond to the client.

Turn on the call recording

You can listen to the conversations, evaluate the effectiveness of work, and use them to train employees due to the recording of the conversation. Also, this peculiarity is often useful in resolving disputes. You can listen to the recording of conversations in your personal account or receive them as audio files by email.

Study call statistics

If you are in charge of a call center or a sales department, then the analysis of reports on phone calls will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your work. You can find out from the reports the time spent on phone calls, the number of answered and missed calls, etc. Call data will help you find the best options for directing calls.

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