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5 Things To Know When Ordering Food Online In Gurgaon

The internet has simplified human life to a great extent. Today, you can get plenty of things done without stepping out of your home, and ordering food online is one of them. With the rising demand for food deliveries, online food ordering apps have partnered with local restaurants and cafes to deliver food on time and with the expected quality.

Gurgaon is one of the popular cities near Delhi. Despite being in the Haryana state, the closer proximity to Delhi makes it a high-demand hot spot for online food orders.

Gurgaon is home to more than 1,153,000 people and is undoubtedly a gastronomic paradise for foodies. There are countless elite restaurants, popular cafes, eateries, and food joints that serve lip-smacking food. Thanks to food ordering apps, you can savour these various cuisines from the comfort of your home.

Order Food Online in Gurgaon

When placing your online food order in Gurgaon, you must ensure you order the right dishes and get the delivery on time. To make that possible, here are five major things to keep in mind when ordering food online in Gurgaon.

Different factors can affect the delivery time.

If you have ordered food online before, you know, it takes around 30 to 60 minutes to deliver your order. Apart from the time required for preparing your order, it needs more time to deliver to your home. Though most online food ordering apps show approximate delivery time, various factors can delay your order.

One of the major reasons behind delayed orders is the traffic. Gurgaon is notorious for heavy traffic at any given hour. The delivery person must cruise through that heavy traffic to deliver your order. Additionally, extreme weather conditions like rain and heat affect delivery time.

Another reason behind delayed orders is ordering from restaurants very far from your address. Many restaurants, especially the food chains like Mcdonald’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut, have multiple outlets in any city. You’d be surprised to know that Gurgaon alone has 14 Mcdonald’s outlets, including delivery outlets, drive-thrus, and kiosks.

So if you order the food from an outlet far from your address, it will take more time to deliver. Make sure you keep these factors in mind when ordering your food. Double-check the restaurant’s location and consider the peak traffic hours when placing your order.

Try different specialties in Gurgaon.

The heritage of any city greatly influences its culture and food. Gurgaon is one of the prominent cities in north India, and its food is an amalgamation of north Indian flavours with a hint of Mughal culture. You get to savour the unique flavours of unique dishes popular in the local region.

Your online food order in Gurgaon must include these popular delicacies. You can order the delicious Chhole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Paranthas, Dosas, and Kathi Rolls. The various kinds of veg and non-veg Biryanis and Punjabi dishes are a must for a lazy weekend lunch or dinner.

If you are tired of eating regular food every day, you can give your taste buds a savoury surprise by ordering exotic food like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Continental, Taiwanese, Thai, and many other famous international dishes. There are countless restaurants that offer 24 hour food delivery in Gurgaon, and you can grab that chance to enjoy a delicious meal at your home.

The discount deals can slash your bill amount substantially.

One of the great things about ordering food online over dining out is the discounts you get. It’s almost impossible to get a discount when you dine in restaurants. Restaurants and cafes do not offer any discounts unless they have any special occasions, which is very unlikely to happen.

On the other hand, online food ordering apps like Swiggy provide numerous deals and discounts that let you slash your final bill amount to a great extent. You can grab discount codes up to 50%, which is fantastic. You can also get special discounts for bigger orders or specific restaurants.

International food chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s also run their discount campaigns, which you can use to get amazing discounts. So before paying, remember to apply the discount codes and get amazing discounts on your online food orders.

Don’t forget to double-check the items in the cart.

Are you having a weekend party at your home? If yes, then you should pay extra attention to your online orders. As a party host, you are already consumed with managing the party, attending to guests, cleaning and decorating your home, inviting guests, and doing thousands of other things.

There are chances to mess up your online food order in all this chaos. You need to get a head count and decide whether the food will be sufficient for everyone. If you already have a fixed menu in your mind, then you can order those dishes right away. If not, it’s best to ask the guest what they would like to eat so you can order accordingly.

Double-checking your order will ensure you are ordering everything you need. Make sure there are starters, main courses, beverages, and desserts. That way, you can avoid mishaps such as not ordering the Rotis or Naans with your butter chicken or the extra cheese dip for your garlic bread.

Verify the payment method while placing the order

Thanks to the internet and online banking services, you can pay right from your phone while placing an order. Online food-ordering apps allow you to pay for your order through various payment methods such as UPI, credit card or debit card, online or net banking, and cash on delivery.

The online payment methods will relieve you from the hassle of arranging the cash to pay at the delivery. But if you opt for cash on delivery, make sure you have money available at home. That way, you don’t have to run to the nearest ATM to pay for your cash on the delivery order.

Though there are many ATMs across Gurgaon, if you don’t have one near your building, it would take a lot of your time, defeating the whole purpose of ordering food online. That is why verifying the payment method while placing your online food order in Gurgaon is essential.

Online food orders are undoubtedly very hassle-free and facilitating. You don’t have to face the heavy Gurgaon traffic to reach the restaurant and wait to get a table. Instead, you can order your food online and enjoy it with your loved one without stepping out in the traffic and pollution.

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