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Home Depot is an American firm that focuses mostly on providing services and products for home remodeling. Home Depot has launched a survey on its official website,, to learn more about its customers’ opinions on their goods and services.

Home Depot Survey – What Is Home Depot Survey Contest?

Home Depot Survey

You will be asked some questions as part of this survey. In addition, based on your pleasure with the services, you must share your experiences with the organization. This would greatly aid them in identifying issues and resolving them to ensure a positive experience at Home Depot.

The entire procedure for completing the Home Depot survey and qualifying for the sweepstakes to win a $5,000 Home Depot gift card can be found in this post. There are guidelines and requirements for participation in the survey before the feedback process may begin. You must meet all of these requirements if you want to participate in the survey and win the $500 Home Depot gift card.

What are the rules of the Home Depot Survey?

Home Depot seeks sincere feedback from its loyal consumers. Without offering any convenience, they want to improve their services for their clients. They have therefore established certain fundamental guidelines in order to receive honest comments. The client can participate in the survey and share their experience with the business if they adhere to the regulations. All of the guidelines are listed below:

  • Only applicants who are at least 18 years old are permitted to participate in the survey.
  • Only Americans are permitted to live there.
  • Per individual, only one receipt is acceptable.
  • The award is non-transferable.
  • The Home Depot’s serving employees are not eligible to participate in the study.

Once you’ve met the requirements set forth by the Home Depot, you need to check all sorts of basic requirements for the survey.

What are the requirements of the survey?

  • Receipt for visiting Home Depot.
  • A first-rate internet connection.
  • The survey must be completed in at least 15 minutes.
  • The candidate must possess technological devices such as a tablet, smartphone, PC, or laptop.
  • Sufficient literacy in either English or Spanish.
  • Your authentic email address.

These are a few of the key requirements of home depot to take part in this survey. In case you can get ready with all the above-listed requirements, you can proceed with the process of survey.

Who is going to sponsor the home depot customer satisfaction survey?

Home Depot Store Support, Inc. is the contest’s sponsor. The official rules show their address as 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta, Georgia. The parent firm is renowned as the largest US retailer of tools, supplies, and services for home improvement. They have locations in all of the states and territories of the US. Additionally, there are locations in Mexico and Canada. In 1978, Home Depot was established. The New York Stock Exchange currently has it on its list of publicly traded companies. The American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, which has offices in Rochester, New York, is the independent administrator in the meanwhile.

Who are eligible?

Those who are legally residing in the US on a permanent basis in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands are eligible to enter the sweepstakes. Puerto Rican citizens are not included. A person must be at least 18 years old on the day they enter. A distinct and current social security number is required of potential prize winners. You cannot join if you work for the sponsor, any of its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, dealers, advertising agencies, or other associated businesses. These employees’ households and immediate families are likewise considered ineligible.

How can I enter the Home Depot customer satisfaction survey?

Either the consumer category or the professional category can be used to enter the sweepstakes. One entry per individual is allowed in each category. Proof of employment as a handyman, property manager, general contractor, construction worker, special tradesman, or building operator, is required to qualify as a professional. People who do not meet the requirements for the professional category ought to apply in the consumer category.

Online Entry

During the sweepstakes time, completing the online survey is the primary means of entry. To participate, go to and enter the User ID and password that are written on your receipt. Within 14 days of the transaction date, the receipts may be used. People may make use of receipts from various transactions. To receive one entry, complete the entry form with your personal information and all of the survey topics.

Alternate entry method

You can participate in the giveaway without making any purchases or completing the online survey. You must record your full name, contact information (including phone number, email address, and category), and method on a 3″ x 5″ card. Depending on the category you want to enter, place this card in a business envelope and send it to the appropriate address. The official regulations contain information on them. Per envelope, there should only be one entry. The presence of several entries is void. Reproductions made mechanically are not permitted. Only entries that the entrant has personally completed will be accepted.

What are the rewards of the survey?

Each category will have one winner. Each of these winners will receive $5,000 in Home Depot gift cards as their prize. Note that unless the Sponsor agrees to it, these rewards cannot be exchanged, transferred, or reassigned. Prizes that are lost or stolen won’t be replaced. The winners will be in charge of collecting their awards. The gift cards’ own terms and restrictions also apply to how they are used.

How are winners chosen?

The winners are decided by a random draw. The date of this is presently May 5, 2023. From among the consumer category entries, one winner will be chosen. From the entries in the professional category, another winner will be chosen. These will be handled by the sponsor’s representative, who has the option to use his or her own judgment. They may choose how to read the regulations. Their judgments are conclusive and enforceable.

In what way should a winner claim a prize?

Within five business days following the draw date, potential winners will be contacted by the sponsor by phone or email. Winners have a specific amount of time to respond. Disqualification may occur as a result of a failure to respond or a determination of ineligibility. A different random drawing will be conducted to select a different winner from the non-winning entries. Because their email filtering system directs the message to their spam folder, winners occasionally do not receive the announcement. Those who want to collect their prize must fill out certain paperwork according to instructions. The awards will be given out after six to eight weeks of receiving the necessary paperwork.

About Home Depot

Home Depot Inc. is the official name of the company. It is an American corporation that offers tools, services, and goods for home improvement around the country. Simply contact customer service if you have any questions through one of the many available communication channels, including phone, mail, etc.


Use the information on your receipt to complete the Home Depot customer satisfaction survey in order to enter the giveaway. If you want to join without completing the survey, use the alternate entrance procedure. Examine the guidelines and abide by them to avoid disqualification. Before revealing any information, read the privacy policies to understand how the company will use it.a

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