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How to Create A Website Without Coding

There is no doubt that every modern business needs a website, and there are several reasons for that. First, your website is the easiest way to find your company in the search engine. And, secondly, the website is not only a way to promote or sell something; it is also a business card of a brand that represents its uniqueness.

Create A Website Without Coding

How to create a website?

If you are new to the website building process, it’s okay 🙂 But you need to know about two ways of website creation.

The first one is about hiring a team of programmers, web developers, designers, content writers, etc., and let them create a website for your business. This way is not that easy as it requires spending thousands of dollars and communicating, planning, organizing the team’s work.

Thankfully, the second option is more suitable for people who are only starting their business and lack time, funds, or coding experience. This one requires using website builders, in other words, systems that allow you to create a professional website with no coding knowledge.

What is a No-code website?

A No-code website is a website made using the systems we have mentioned above. Technically, yes, the code still exists there, but you don’t interact with it. The only thing you do is customize (by dragging and dropping, changing the color schemes, content, and images) the set of ready-made blocks.

Let’s discover below some pros and cons of business website builders.

Advantages and disadvantages of no-code websites


Here’s a brief list of advantages offered by website builders.

  • The simplicity of usage – any user can create a good-looking, informative website in 30 minutes, without having any coding or design skills.
  • Ready-made templates for different types of business – no matter what you are doing: car rental, drug stores, dental services, beauty salon, etc., thousands of templates will cover any of your needs.
  • The price depends on the platform you are using; however, it may start from absolutely free plans up to $100-$200 per month, which is definitely cheaper than creating a website from scratch or hiring a team of developers.


  1. The similarity of no-code websites. The pack of ready-made blocks and templates will be a huge one, but it is still limited. Thus, there is a possibility that someone might have a website similar to yours. But you can still deal with that issue. First, you need to choose your brand’s identity: color schemes, logo, mascot, unique texts, etc. And, secondly, its worth checking if your brand colors and slogans do not match the competitors’ ones.
  2. The free pricing plan has limited options. There are indeed free pricing plans, but there are also paid ones that offer wider opportunities for your website. The thing here is to understand that even paid pricing plans are still cheaper than creating a website using coding and the whole team of programmers.

Step-by-step guide for the no-code website creation

There are several steps you need to know on how to create a no-code business website.

  1. Select the website builder and sign up there.
  2. Choose the template that covers your business needs. Pay attention to this step, as here you need to decide on the type of website you are planning to create. For example, it might be an online store, artist portfolio, car rental website, etc.
  3. Select the domain name that will match your brand.
  4. Customize the default blocks: change the colors if you need to, add something unique for your brand only.
  5. Add the content that will best describe your brand or/and a product. Don’t forget about the visualization. For example, the Weblium website builder offers a photo gallery with thousands of free images to use. It will also be an excellent customization idea if you add pictures of your teammates and the company’s story.
  6. Launch SEO settings. This step is crucial if you want your website to be ranking organically by search engines.
  7. Publish your website. But before doing the last step, don’t forget about checking everything out: the work of every element on both mobile and desktop versions, the correctness of the text, and the quality of images.
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