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How to Deal With People Who Ignore You for No Reason

How to Deal With People Who Ignore You for No Reason or How to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You.

Feeling distracted in an amazing atmosphere just because of the reason that you are being ignored by the ones with whom you love mingling with? Being ignore might be due to several reasons and tackling with this kind of situation is must in order to stay happy without any kind of complications.

How to Deal With People Who Ignore You

How to Deal with People who Ignore You

As I mentioned reasons might be several for being ignored and depending upon the situation and solution exists as every problem has a solution too. However there are some situations where the level is crossed where you need to understand that its time to move on. So in this post we will encounter with the ways to deal with the people who ignores you.

Trying to resolve the situation

First of all, let us have a quick look on how this ignoring game can be solved.

Talk to them and try resolving the situation

Sometimes you feel as if you are being ignored. However second person might not be doing it intentionally, as sometimes one don’t even realize that they are ignoring someone. So directly go and talk to them if you feel you are being ignored. But you need to be careful with the words you choose while talking and discussing the matter, wisely choose your words.

Perfect time is the best time

Best time to talk

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so one need to be smart enough to choose the best time to talk to the person. Both of you need to be free so that the discussion can be done smoothly without any rush as sometimes choosing a wrong time to talk or discuss a matter can further frustrate the person. So choose a best time as per the mood of the person too. As if other person is in bad mood, no matter how convincing you are your words will remain un-noticed.

Think over previous conversations

One of the best way to resolve this kind of ignoring games is to sit for a while and think over past conversations.

Everyone know that no one admits their mistakes. However this is one of the best way how such situation can be answered as if you find any mistake from your end. Then just go apologize to the person for hurting them, as saying a sorry doesn’t make you small as relationship is bigger than an ego. So save a relation and not an ego.

Using a third party member

Sometimes we find hard to convey our message as the other person might be very frustrated with us. In this case we can use a third party member or a mutual friend who can share your feelings with other person and convey your message or apology and try to settle down the matter between you both. The key point to note in this part is to choose a friend who is neutral to both of you rather than supporting any individual.

Be nice and explain your feeling

No matter how frustrated you are with the behavior of that person. You need to be nice and sweet to them as sometimes. If they understand that you are trying to sort out the situation and give a fresh start then who knows they might talk to you rather then ignoring you.

Explain your feeling

While talking to them if you find any mistake from your end. Just apologize for it and try explaining your feeling so that they understand you and your situation. In this way you make them believe that they are very important to you, but again choose your words wisely as while sorting out a conflict words plays a key role.

You need to move on

You have tried out every possible above ways to sort out the situation. However you feel that it is not working out and still they are ignoring you. This is the time you should understand that it is over and it’s the time to move on.

You too ignore them

I know this can be very painful, ignoring someone who is important to you never an easy task. However trust me when you ignore the person they might notice your action. Just keep your cool and show that you no longer care about them as it is their problem not yours.

Don’t force and give them space

No one can force their opinion on someone, neither one can forcefully change someone’s mind or behavior.

Sometimes giving them their space to think over it and figure it out by themselves is the best option by which one can move on or give another chance to them to resolve the situation.

Focus on your life

Don’t think over and over again on what happened. I know saying this is easy rather than facing it. But trust me you need to move on with your life and focus on your personal goal. Some people comes in your life for some period of time and is temporary in your life. So just leave them back and move on with your life as time always heals everything.

Get your confidence back

One always lose their confidence when they face such situation. However one need to build up their self-confidence or regain their confidence.

Your strengths and weaknesses

Make a list of your of your strength and weaknesses. While preparing the list make sure that your list of weaknesses is more when compared to strengths. So that you can challenge yourself in changing your weaknesses into your strengths. When your weaknesses list starts getting decrease and you convert them into your strengths, your confidence increases.

Make new friends

Make New Friends

Try to mingle with different people, as when you make new friends you hangout with them and it is one of the best way to move on with your past. Your past should never effect your present as well as your future.

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So first try to resolve the ignoring game with the help of above tips followed by moving on. If that person still doesn’t talks to you or care about you followed by regaining your confidence and tackling the world with your new attitude and your confidence. Now you know that how to deal with people who ignore you, even when you are so kind to them. 🙂

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