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How to Feel Better and More Confident About Yourself In An Instant

Confidence is an important aspect of everyone’s life. It gives you the boost to do things that you would otherwise not do with ease. For instance, you may give pitches that land you great clients or even approach someone you’ve silently been crushing on. This is why you need to strive to feel your best every single day.

Powerful Ways to Be More Confident

How to Feel Better and More Confident

However, this may not be such an easy task. There will be days when you’ll wake up feeling dull and gloomy. When this happens, don’t just stay in that state. Find some things you can do to get you out of that rut.

Here are 12 activities to help you feel better and boost your confidence.

Pamper Yourself

Get into the bathroom and have a long shower with all your favorite products. This process will be a calming one and will leave you feeling refreshed. Once you’re done, apply your favorite oils and dress to impress.

Pamper Yourself

Remember to wear something that brings you joy. This is not the time to focus on how you look in the eyes of other people. Afterward, take your favorite perfume and apply it for that sweet scent.

Do Something Creative

Take time to sit down and play with paint and create something. It might not be the best piece but it will activate the creative side of your brain.

Do Something Creative

This will keep you distracted from whatever is bothering you. It might even help you express some of your feelings and allow you to let them out.

Improve Your Self Talk

A lot of times you’ll find yourself thinking negatively about your life and your current situation. This negativity only makes you feel worse. The best thing is to replace this negative self-talk with some positive affirming words.

Look at yourself in the mirror and affirm to yourself “I am strong” or “ I am more than my current situation”. This will go a long way to shifting your mood and boost your confidence. Also, don’t forget to smile.



Take your water religiously. One of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps you balance your mood and reduce stress. Hydrating with a Roetell glass bottle customized to your liking will keep you motivated to drink more.

Write It Down

If you don’t want to pour out your heart to someone, the best thing is to write it all down. Get your diary or journal and write down everything you feel. Start with how you woke up and from there everything else will just flow.

Write It Down

Writing will help you vent and get everything from your heart onto paper. This will leave you feeling lighter and so much better about yourself.

Revisit All Your Achievements

Whatever is keeping you down right now is nothing compared to all that you have been through and have come out the other side stronger.

Reminding yourself of all those accomplishments will assure you that you can get through this too. Who wouldn’t feel better after this? You’ll be ready to go conquer the world in your own little way.

Get Moving

Get Moving

What’s your favorite activity? Whether it’s yoga, jogging, or something else just get to it right away. Exercising will release endorphins (feel-good hormones) that will leave you pumped up and excited. It will also give you a boost in confidence to go get more things done.

Be One with Nature

The fresh air, birds singing and green vegetation have an amazingly calming effect. Get out and take a walk at the park and allow yourself to enjoy every moment.

Listen keenly to the birds as they sing and just marvel at the wonders of nature. This will leave you with a clear mind and you can easily address your worries.

Put Your Phone Down

This is not the time to scroll through social media or encourage distractions. Remember that social media only portrays the good side in people’s lives. Scrolling through such a feed will leave you feeling worse because you’ll compare yourself to others.

Keep your phone away and just deal with feeling better and concentrate on yourself. You could use this time to reflect and meditate to get yourself in a calm state.

While meditating, visualize all the things you want to accomplish. These should be things that put a bright smile on your face. You’ll come out of this session feeling like you can do anything and nothing can get in your way.

Watch a Funny Clip

Laughter is the best medicine. One of the benefits of laughter is that it triggers the release of endorphins that leave you feeling good. Watching a funny video is the best way to get you laughing. This will have you excited about what the rest of your day has in store.

Give Thanks

Practicing gratitude every day is very beneficial. It has been associated with greater happiness and influencing positive emotions. Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to wait for big things to happen in your life.

You can start practicing gratitude by being thankful for your life or the oxygen you breathe. This will help you see all the blessings you take for granted and leave you feeling better and ready to get moving.

Cry It Out

Don’t hold anything in just let it all out. Crying will help you get rid of that feeling that just keeps nagging you. I know it sounds counterproductive but that’s not the case. It actually leaves you feeling better because all that sadness is gone.


Feeling better and more confident is achievable despite your current circumstances. The fact that you’ve had a bad day or woke up on the wrong side of the bed should not keep you down.

Get up and dust yourself off with all the tips I’ve given you. Always remember that there will always be good days and bad days. It all depends on how you’ll handle it all.

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