Building A Furniture Selling Brand? Here’s All You Need To Know

McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, H&M, Zara, Walmart…What do these have in common? They are all brands that have global recognition. Even someone who has never visited any of these outlets will have a faint idea of what they are about.

Starting a Furniture Brand

Brand recognition goes a long way in getting customers, even in the furniture business. Building your furniture selling business is hard work. It also requires a lot of investment.

In the ideal world, your hard work and the high-quality products that you offer should be enough to bring in customers. However, this is not an ideal world. There are many furniture businesses out there targeting your customers.

You have to able to stand out from the rest of them to attract customers. Of course, hard work and high-quality work product are important factors. But these should be backed up with the appropriate marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways you can build your furniture brand and attract more customers.

Understand Your Customers

What kind of furniture do you make? Who is your target customer base? You should answer these without a doubt. These will factor into how you market your products.

If you sell home furniture, then you need to reach as many people as you can and gain maximum visibility. If you sell office furniture, then you need to get visibility in the corporate world.

It also makes it easier to understand the needs of your customers. The requirements of an office are different from that of a home.  

Use Old and New Advertising Avenues

Online advertising is the newest form of advertising that has a wide reach. You must pay attention to building a strong online presence and exploit all new forms of advertising such as Google Ads, email lists, hubspot video, etc.

However, old advertising modes still hold sway when it comes to the furniture business. Billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper advertisements are still relevant modes of advertising in the furniture business. Youtube advertisements are an excellent way to combine old and new and reach more audiences. 

Build an Excellent Website

A good looking website appeals to the customers and instantly pulls them in to look around more. The website acts as another shop location. It is just that you don’t need representatives showing products to the customers. Your website does that automatically. 

Given below are points to keep in mind when you build your website.

  • Take high-quality photos that showcase your furniture from all angles.
  • Include detailed descriptions that leave no room for confusion regarding the size of the furniture.
  • Make the website easy to navigate. There should be a natural flow that lets customers enjoy their shopping experience.
  • Categorize the items of furniture based on the type, style, theme, purpose, etc. If someone is looking to create a contemporary living room, they should be able to find everything in one place. 
  • Incorporate the latest furniture trends and highlight them so that the customers who visit your website instantly know that you are in touch with the latest trends.
  • Try using augmented or virtual reality to show the customers how the furniture would look in their homes. It gives them the confidence needed to go through with the purchase without hesitation. 

Build an Email List

Furniture shopping is not something that people do regularly. Your customers may only shop for large pieces of furniture once in five years or even more.

How do you stay relevant in such situations? You should build an email list and send regular emails. You can try using a video email to showcase the latest pieces of furniture in your showroom or the bestselling ones that week.

The idea is to not let customers forget your name. With regular emails, you will always be on their mind, and they will think of you when they need to make a purchase. 

Choose Your Location Wisely

Just like real estate, location can be everything in the furniture business. If you only sell online, then you need a warehouse to store your products. The warehouse location should have easy access to roads and should make it easier to ship the products.

If you have a physical store, then it should be located close to your customer base. For example, if you sell furniture for the home, then having a showroom close to residential areas will give a boost to your business.

Another point to keep in mind is that no one likes to shop from a cramped furniture store. Furniture stores need to be spacious. Your locations should be large enough to let you showcase everything without crowding the space.

Since you will need to use large trucks to move furniture to and from the shop, the location should allow proper road access.   

Price With Care

Furniture does not come cheap. However, there is a sweet spot in pricing where you are making enough profit, and your customers do not feel like they are overpaying. Find this spot and price accordingly.

Knowing the market rate for your products and the prices charged by your competitors can also help you make the right pricing decisions. Customers always love a deal. Try to offer more discounts or deals when they purchase multiple items. For example, you can offer a discount when someone buys a sofa with a coffee table. 

Improve Your Customer Service

Many people consider furniture to be an investment. They may have many questions regarding its quality, your return policy, warranty, etc. Always be open to answering these queries.

A customer who is happy with your service will definitely recommend your brand to their friends and family. Word of mouth is powerful and will help you increase your customer base.  

In Conclusion

You put hard work into building your furniture business, and it deserves to be a success. With increasing competition, it is more important than ever that you make your brand stand out.

Your customers need to feel like they got the best service and the best quality product at the best price. You can turn your business into a brand that people identify with by following the tips mentioned above.

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