How To Get Better At Aiming In Fortnite?

If you want to get better at aim practice, you must improve your aims and reflexes because it is all about improving your accuracy of hitting targets. The more targets you hit, the better you get at the game. Here are tips to get better aim practice Fortnite.

Get Better At Aiming In Fortnite

Aim For Headshots While Gunning

While you are aiming for a headshot with your weapon, try aiming at the centre of the head. Aiming right at the centre of the head of your enemies will enable you to hit the target better.

So, predict where their head will be instead of the rest of the body, and shoot when they fall in line with your crosshair.

Try Shooting At A Particular Angle

Usually, the tactics of shooting depend on your position in comparison to your target.

High Ground shooting

If you are on higher ground than your enemy, check their direction and shoot in their moving order. If they are going backward, then adjust your cursor a bit above them, and if they are moving forward, aim at shooting below them to get the perfect shot.

Low ground Shooting

Sniper rifles are the best for low-ground shooting. While you are anticipating the enemy’s’ movement, keep in mind to account for the speed of the bullets and aim your shot above the enemy’s’ head if it’s a headshot or on their upper portion of the body, if it is a body shot.

Close Combat

It is usual to panic while close combat, but don’t. Keep calm while aiming for the enemy’s body. Keep jumping up and down for continuous shots that hit the target and to not get shot. Using shotguns during closed compact is an advantage.

Keep Your Mouse Sensitivity In Mind

While both high and low sensitivity are personal preferences, you have to account for them while you are practicing aiming. High sensitivity is better to trap movement faster and practicing quick shots when gunning down enemies.

On the flip side, low sensitivity helps in crafting your speed, but it hinders your crafting ability. Remember to adjust your mouse sensitivity and PC settings first while playing a game to find your comfortable pace.

Learn To Identify The Weapon’s Characteristics

Different weapons require a different type of bullets and each weapon and bullet is different from the other. Hitting a perfect shot depends on many factors like hitting the distance between you and your target, the angle of your attack, and the bullet spread of your weapon.

The better you know the basics of your weapon, the better you will use it during the game. Basics of the weapon include identifying whether it is projectile or hitscan? Whether it is bullet drop or spread? And finally, whether the range of the weapon is short, mid, or long?

Improve on your crosshairs

The more you can follow your enemy’s movement and improve your crosshairs, the better you will get at attacking the target. SMGs, hitscans, and assault rifles are the best when tracking the enemy because they keep hitting the target as long as the cursor is on the enemy.

Follow these tips to improve your proficiency in the game.

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