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How Businesses Should Approach Link Building

Link building is an important activity for businesses to master if they want to turbocharge their SEO results across their portfolio of money keywords. In an age where link building is under the scope and Google penalizing unnatural links, businesses must adopt a link building process that will yield first page results that comply with white-hat SEO methods. The team from Digital Next has shared their insight into link building approaches that businesses can use.

Approach to Link Building Guide

How businesses should approach link building

Link Building

Citation link building

Acquiring citation links are the most natural links. These types of links add credibility to the publication and can also drive referral traffic through to your business’s website. The authority from citation links tends to be higher as they are used as a reference on high authority web pages.

Guest blog posts

These can be a very effective tactic for businesses if the strategy is used correctly. Successful guest blogging will allow the business to boost their perceived credibility and generate referral traffic. Acquiring links from high profile guest blogs can allow businesses to leapfrog their competition in the organic search rankings.

Guest publications

Similar to guest blogging, guest publications will see the business engage in self publishing or assist web editors by contributing content to their website. For businesses, engaging in interviews or providing their point of view can be an effective way for them to gain exposure, as well as to earn a link for their business.

Business directories

Gaining listing in local directories can assist your business with ranking locally and generating authority to the website. The listing should be acquired for the primary purpose of enhancing the business’s profile. The link should contain the details of the business rather than be listed for the keyword that the business wants to rank for.

Additionally, paid listings should be avoided or use the nofollow tag in line with Google’s terms and conditions.

Chambers of commerce

Businesses can establish a relationship with their local chamber of commerce. By gaining membership, the business may receive a web profile where their business links are shared on the chamber of commerce website. The business details will also be shared with other micro sites and members of the local chamber of commerce community, which may earn natural links from potential suppliers or customers.




Businesses can provide testimonials to their suppliers. These testimonials may result in the publication of your link on a significant page on the website. Take a look at your current suppliers and provide them with a glowing review on their product or service.

Review websites

Encourage your customers to share their experience with your business’s product or service. The reviews can specifically be on review websites where you can generally obtain a natural link back to your website.


Opportunities may arise with businesses to engage with web influencers that can endorse their products or services.

For example, a business that sell makeup can contact a group of make-up bloggers to endorse their products on their blog. One thing businesses need to consider is the advertising regulations that the web publisher must abide by.


Businesses can pitch themselves to receive an editorial review from media publications. This will usually involve pitching a story to the web publications editor. The successful pitch will not only give the business exposure to an engaged audience, but can also earn a link from an authoritative web source that will help to improve web rankings.


Gaining online recommendations should be the ideal goal for businesses. Web recommendations will act as citation references by the web publisher and will send traffic to your website. Businesses can pitch to feature in product or service roundups or ‘Best of’ publications.

Engage in website discussions

By engaging, we mean contributing to the web discussion on forums and blog commentary. By adding to the conversation, you are showcasing your credibility and can earn referral traffic from the link that is published. Ensure that you add to the conversation otherwise it will be flagged as spam.

Businesses have the opportunity to enhance their organic search presence by implementing these simple link building tactics. By building a natural portfolio of links using these methods, businesses can expect their SEO performance to catapult to page 1. 😀 🙂

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