Tips on Writing a Winning College Scholarship Essay

Apart from filling the application form or transcript when applying for a scholarship, many scholarship programs require writing an essay. In most cases, the presence and quality of these essays is a big factor that play a major role in determining whether an application will be successful or not.

How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Write a scholarship essay

Every year, thousands of applications are received from equally qualified students from all over the world. Consider these tips if you are determined about making yours stand out from the rest and double your chances of winning the scholarship.

● Research about your audience

Unlike before, it’s quite easy to obtain information concerning any scholarship programs due to the advent of the internet. A great number of them recognize the importance of an online presence and use it for the whole application process. Students can easily visit the websites for these scholarship programs on their smartphones or tablets to discover important facts like what they do and represent.

Once this is achieved, the writing process can be tailored to what will be acceptable by the scholarship committee. Furthermore, students can send emails to them using the contact information displayed on their websites if any question arises.

● Enlist the help of family members and friends

Most of your close friends and family members will even be eager to help if you ask for their assistance. You can try to write a trial essay and share it among them for their feedback, remember that they are bound to know somethings peculiar to you that you are not aware of. After writing the final essay, they can help you with editing and proofreading.

● Ensure that you follow the instructions provided

When applying for a scholarship, it’s likely that instructions will be provided. These rules exist for certain reasons and that’s why you must adhere to them to the last letter. The scholarship committee will even be impressed that you can follow instructions. Read the instructions and questions as many times as possible till you understand clearly.

● Be careful with your words

Some students often make the mistake of filling their application essay with unnecessary words just to impress the scholarship committee. It should be noted that this approach rarely works and the set of people who will read your application are seasoned in this field.

Before you start writing, keep it in mind to use simple words and avoid mentioning inaccurate facts or presenting yourself as someone that you are not. If you do the opposite, there may be negative consequences if the truth is revealed later on.

● Let creativity and personality flow in your writing

creativity and personality

Even though your application success largely depends on the essay, the writing style shouldn’t be informal or too serious. Relax as you write so that it will be easier to reveal the real you. Your readers are interested in your accomplishments and why you deserve the scholarship. Endeavor to describe in details and write with a positive mindset which will indicate that you are confident.

Leadership essay

The bottom line is to be original when writing a scholarship essay and addressing all the points required. Students can take advantage of any of the online editing tools to perfect their scholarship essay and back it up on the cloud as they write.

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  • Thanks for such a great post on writing a winning essay for students, Harshil! I couldn’t agree more with you. Students shouldn’t pretend to be someone else, originality as well as creativity is the key to a successful essay.

    Also, I would recommend starting writing preparation in advance, just to avoid a rush and unnecessary upsets because of the upcoming deadlines.

    Thanks again for sharing, Harshil!

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