Strategies Your Favourite Businesses Are Going To Use To Grow In 2020

Never mind New Year being around the corner, 2020 is here. It’s time to take down the jolly socks, and the Christmas tree, and take out your marketing plans for the year. Don’t worry, its completely normal to have a gut-wrenching excitement for what’s coming.

Growing your Business

But, do you have your marketing plan set? What about your lead generation strategy, or your content development strategy? Planning for an entire year of business growth can be overwhelming, which is why it’s important to look at what successful companies in your niche are planning to do in 2020.

Through this article, our aim is to help generate some ideas through going through some of the strategies we know corporations plan to implement in the coming year. So, without further a do – let’s get into it.

1] Throw Away The Funnel And Adapt To The Flywheel Approach

We all know the typical stages of the sales funnel by now, after all – it was one of the biggest hits in terms of sales strategies since 2014. However, it’s 2020, and sadly the strategy has grown to be outdated. Which is why some top companies are anticipated to switch sales concepts to a new FlyWheel approach, this was reported by Hubspot.

The FlyWheel strategy is based on momentum. For example, the more energy you put into a certain segment of your business, the faster the wheel will spin, and the greater the results. A typical Flywheel strategy can be broken down into three main segments.

  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Sales.

But this is just the start of the process, it’s important to focus on your internal departments sure But the main difference between a typical sales funnel and this strategy is how you look at your customers.

In a funnel, customers are the outcome after lead generation, consumer awareness and of course, tons of facebook ads. However, the Flywheel focuses more on the journey of the customer. Ensuring that each customer has their own perfect experience each time.

Which is why the wheel can further be described in these segments from an external perspective.

Flywheel strategy

2] Making Social Media Your New Front Store

Social Media has been booming this decade. Since the release of Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat businesses have developed countless strategies to grow organic traffic, and drive leads to their sales funnels. The website, the e-commerce store, their home.

But, recently a new type of post has come to light. It enables a user to buy something from their social media with the click of a button. That’s right, your followers will be able to buy your products right from your Instagram feed.

Thanks to this new innovation, it’s expected to become a huge hype in the business world later on in 2020.

3] Personalization Is Always Going To Be Important

Artificial Intelligence makes our lives easier as business owners, and less stressful and mundane for our employees. Tasks that used to waste hours at a time now take minutes to get through, without having to worry at all about it. For example, mass payments, emails, and lead generation tactics.

But, the important thing is to keep the human connection alive between your customers. No customer wants to feel like they are forced to deal with robots in order to buy a product from you, or to hire your service.

That’s why many businesses have explained that although artificial intelligence development and investment is going to be critical in 2020, they are going to be highly driven to focus on that human connection through their support and service team right to the final click of the “buy now” button.

4] Don’t Waste Your Time And Energy On Sub Par Content

Quality content will always be king in the business world. The ability to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and connect with them beyond a business scope. To anticipate exactly what their thoughts and problems are as they read through your content, and explain in-depth why you care, and how you plan to solve their problems for them.

Well it’s magic. And does not come cheap.

There are plenty of places you can hire cheap copywriters, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and even job boards on Facebook. However, what you need to remember is that you pay for what you get. If you want content that genuinely connects and drives your readers to a common goal, it’s important to set that aside for your budgeting in 2020.

Well, there we have it. Some simple, yet easy to implement steps for you to implement into your business in 2020. All of these steps can be compounded into the Flywheel strategy to give you a kickass marketing strategy!

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