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Top 10 Best Indian Brands of Washing Powder

Although it is true that washing machines are more convenient for washing clothes, yet it is also true that there are several people who are not aware of the correct use of this machine. When you own a washing machine and you start using it, you often tend to overuse detergent powder. Most washing machine owners are not aware of the right amount of detergent powder to be used in machines. You have to remember that excessive use of powder can have a bad impact on your clothes. The right amount of powder will depend on the number of clothes.

Best Indian Detergent Washing Powder Brands

Best Indian Detergent Washing Powder

Considering the vitality of knowing how a washing machine should be used, it can’t be denied that it is also important to have a good washing powder. It is imperative that you use a washing powder that is manufactured by a reputed company in India. So, here we are going to discuss the names of the best detergent brands in India.

Surf Excel Matic Detergent Powder

Once upon a time, Surf was the only detergent that was there in India. Unilever launched this product first in Pakistan in 1948 and later on, it was brought in India in 1959. Now, Surf Excel has become a worthy replacement of their actual blue powder. This powder is however still called Surf. Surf Excel is a high-end product from Hindustan Unilever Limited that successfully removes the most stubborn stains from your clothes. This powder is also safe for using in washing machines. It has got X-Tra clean particles that are responsible for removing stubborn stains of food and mud.


Ariel arrived in India during the 1990s and since then it has been one of the most famous detergent brands in this country. Though it was pretty costly during its launch, the only competitor that it had was Surf. Ariel now has different names like Ariel Matic and Ariel 24 hour’s fresh. As more people are using washing machines, there is an increased demand for Ariel detergents. Ariel is a company that designs its products as per the requirements of the users. 1kg of Ariel costs Rs. 219.

Rin Detergent Powder

Rin Detergent powder was introduced in 1969 and the Rin washing powder was usually meant for the middle-income Indian families. It provides premium quality at an affordable price for people who are trying to live within a budget. The bright clean technology of this powder lends brightness and cleanliness to the clothes. This detergent powder has got a nice scent of lemon and rose that gives your clothes a nice and fresh smell. It suits colored and white clothes. This washing powder tells you that it will never rob your clothes off its shine.

Nirma Washing Powder

People who are above the age of 40 will always remember the advertisement with a catchy tine and the words, ‘Washing Powder Nirma’. Nirma Washing Powder was introduced in the year 1969 and since then, it created a big stir in the market. This detergent powder, due to its low price had become extremely popular among the masses. Its low price is also a reason behind its high sale.

Patanjali Herbal Wash

Patanjali has become one of the best household names in India in various groups of products. This detergent powder has a perfect amalgamation of herbals and it also doesn’t carry any tough chemicals. It not only does a great job of washing and cleaning clothes but it is also very gentle on human skin as well on clothes. Lemon lends that added bit of freshness that lasts long and neem adds to its anti-bacterial effect. It removes stubborn stains that include sweat strains, deep cleans and protects your clothes from greying.


The Tide Plus Detergent powder is famous for its premium level of cleanliness and you can understand that by the visuals in the ad. This is a fine detergent powder that dissolves really fast in water and creates foam. Thanks to its extremely effective formulation that it removes all sorts of stubborn stains from your dresses. This detergent removes dirt from areas that are hardly accessible like the collars and cuffs. Moreover, it keeps your clothes scented for a very long time. It is also gentle on your skin.


Henko is called the stain champion and it eliminates grime, dirt and germ from clothes in few minutes. The oxygen power helps in dissolve in water very easily and removes the most stubborn stains like ink, oil, ketchup and gives your clothes a nice and pleasant smell. The fabric’s color also remains as bright as ever even after several washes. Lint, or the fibers that shred, traps all the dirt and gives your clothes a faded and dull look. You’ll be happy to know this detergent is lint-free.


Nirma is undoubtedly the most famous detergent of the middle class and lower-middle class people of India. Nirma was first introduced as a detergent cake and later on, it came as a low-cost detergent powder. It grew to become one of the biggest competitors of Nirma. Different fragrances include lemon, orange and jasmine. They also have an extended shelf life.


Sunlight is definitely one of the earliest products of Unilever and it is the first brand of this company. This detergent started off as a laundry cake. However, as more and more people started buying this powder, it later on resurfaced in 2004 as a detergent powder in Kerala and West Bengal. With its color guard technology and brightness impact, it remains a great bet. So, Sunlight detergent powder can be taken as one of the best detergents of India.


Fena Superwash powder has been designed for the best washing experience. The ingredients with which the Fena superwash powder is made removes all types of stains, dirt like coffee, grease, ketchup, tea and many other things. Thanks to its brightener that it lends whiteness to your clothes. It has got a nice aroma of Chandan and Rose and gives your clothes a lasting refined fragrance.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of the best washing detergent powder in India, you should get one from any of the above mentioned list.

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