How To Play The Pixel Gun 3D Online Using Your Browser

Mobile and online games are created in order for people to entertain themselves and make use of their idle time. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of online games you can search, download, and play.

These games vary in categories, type, and even measures your intellect and strategies so you can also apply it in real life situations.

How To Play The Pixel Gun 3D Online

Play Pixel Gun 3D Online

Besides, these online games are not only crafted to help us entertain ourselves but they also come with amazing advantages. First thing is that it helps our mind get active to the different challenges that these games are giving.

In some cases, there are games where we play to complete a mission and it sharpens our strategy making skill on how to get away with it and end up victorious.

Not only that, but online games are also helpful to kids. It gives them the ability to learn about what time management is all about. Also, they can work both their hand and mind coordination especially when they play games like surviving in a battlefield and how to defeat their enemies so they can ultimately achieve their goal.

That said, one of the most popular games you can play both on mobile phone and PC is the Pixel Gun 3D. This is a Minecraft first-person shooter game that lets you collect armors and guns using the coins you earned per matches.

It comes in a different version that you can download for both Android and iOS users and at the same time for people who wanted to play it on their PC.

The Pixel Gun 3D also comes in different categories of battlefields. There’s a single-player mode where you can challenge yourself in battling and shooting the zombies for you to collect guns.

A multiplayer mode is also available where you can team up to a maximum of 8 players per team and head on to an interesting battle inside this game. You can check this link for more information about the different game modes you can play.

Furthermore, if you are a neophyte and it’s your first time playing this kind of game, you don’t have to worry because features like a “Training Camp” is an option that you select to undergo a practice before you head on to a bigger shooting battle game.

This option also comes with great map selection and graphic styles that create an inviting environment to help you play this game.

Aside from the fact the Pixel Gun 3D comes in with coolest features that you cannot find in other online game applications, it also includes a “Chat” feature that helps you converse with each other regarding the best strategies you can apply to win the game.

Moreover, this game has also a various number of music and sounds that come in a different genre that you can listen while you are enjoying playing this game. The Pixel Gun 3D is truly an amazing online game that you can easily get, download, and play giving you optimum entertainment.

Playing The Pixel Gun 3D Online

The Pixel Gun 3D online will only be available to your PC once you download it correctly. Unlike for Apps Store and Play Store where you only need to search and install the app, you need a little something extra job to do if you’d like to install and play it in your PC.

You need a little help of BlueStacks to embed an Android environment for your PC so it is amenable to install and download the game.

While this is the basic requirement to download the game, there are some who wanted to play the game right way by only using their browser. Here’s a quick instruction about how you can play it using your browser.

  • First, you have to open and use that serves as your emulator to change your PC environment to Android so it lets you play the game. There is no download needed for this.
  • Second, you have to create a free account when you use
  • Third, once you successfully created a free account, you have to log in using your username and password.
  • Finally, you have that Android emulator in your PC and you can search Pixel Gun 3D and play it right away without downloading it.

How To Play The Game Using Your PC

Play The Game Using Your PC


If you are using a PC to play the Pixel Gun 3D, technically, you are controlling everything using your mouse and keyboard. Here are the basic instructions you need to follow for the right game control.

  • To move each character, you have to utilize the arrow keys. Right for moving to the right, left for the same movement, up and down for going above and arrow down to go below.
  • If you need to jump, then simply use the Space button.
  • Use Shift to run the character.
  • Use the “F” key to pick up the items.
  • The “Enter” is used to fire.
  • The “E” key is for the inventory items that you have collected to show up.
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