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Dream11 – The Best Fantasy Cricket App to Play

Are you a cricket freak who is looking for some game beyond the field? If yes, then fantasy sports is definitely what you are looking for. And now if you are thinking about which would be the best platform for you, then we have an answer for that too.

Dream11 Fantasy Sports


‘Dream11’ is one of the best fantasy sports providing platforms. It has been rapidly growing in its popularity owing to its real-life experience and other exclusive features.

We all are aware of the fact that cricket is loved by almost every Indian. This has encouraged many new users to be a part of Dream11 fantasy leagues. Read this article to know everything about the Dream11.

What is fantasy sports?

Basically, a fantasy sport can be defined as an active prototype of any game available online. This means that you can play that game over the internet and choose the respective players and teams.

Similarly, it is an online platform where you can choose a player of your preference as well as the team and then play as per the actual rules and regulations of the game. Such games are really fun for those who love sports. It is a perfect combination of sports and player knowledge.

About dream11:

Dream11 is one of its own kind of fantasy sports platform especially developed for the Indian sports lovers. Its fan base is growing every day with 5 lakh new users daily because of IPL. This app allows you to create a virtual team in various sports like kabaddi, cricket, NBA, football, etc.

And then you win or lose points based on the real-life performances of your team players. Hence, it requires sound knowledge and intuitions related to the game you choose.

One thing to be noted here is that you are allowed to make your fantasy team within a strict budget of 100 credits only. You can download fantasy cricket app now to Play fantasy cricket online.

How to play a match on the fantasy cricket app?

The steps to play on the fantasy cricket app involving 5 major steps which are described as below.

1] Match selection

The first and foremost step is to select the match that you want to play on the fantasy cricket app. The list of real-life cricket matches will be displayed from where you will have to choose. Choose the match which you are confident about.

2] Choose your fantasy team

The second step includes the formation of your team. From the given list of players, you will have to choose your favourite ones and form a Dream11 team. Also, you are advised to choose your Dream11 team members wisely as their performance can make you win or lose your points.

3] Be a participant of a contest

Next, you have to choose a contest where you will compete with other Dream11 users and showcase your cricket knowledge. These contests include paid as well as free ones. The paid ones can help you to win cash prizes also.

4] Keep the track on your match

The Dream11 app constantly keeps on updating the scores in every 2 minutes based on the respective ongoing match scores. Hence you are recommended to keep a track on the ongoing matches.

5] Do not forget to withdraw the credits you won

Once the final score is calculated and you successfully have made some winnings, you must withdraw them via your dream11 account instantly. You will need to go through one-time verification after which you will be allowed to withdraw your earnings.

Follow the above steps and you are good to go. All you need is a little knowledge of sports to play on the fantasy cricket app. Dream11 helps you enhance your sports understanding and guides you to become a master of all!

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