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How to Renew a Suspended License

If you’ve had your license suspended, you probably feel a little bit vulnerable right now. It’s a sobering experience, knowing that you’ve been removed from the road. It’s also much more difficult to get around, especially if you live in an area with poor public transportation.

If you need to get your license back, there are some ways that you can go about it. It might not be possible at first, but you can renew a suspended license.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License

Reinstate a suspended driver's licence

It’s not going to be as easy as just asking for it, and there will most likely be a bit of work involved. If you need your license back, though, it’s important that you go through this process to avoid any fines associated with driving without a valid license.

If you’re ready to start the process, or you’re just curious, keep reading to learn the steps to reinstate your driver’s license.

1] Read the Suspension Notice

It’s important that you read the suspension notice carefully when you get it. While it’s easy to simply panic and gloss over the details, the notice is going to contain important information that will help with the rest of the process. You need to keep this piece of paper in a safe and accessible place for the duration of your suspension.

Not all suspensions are equal, and the lengths of time can vary from months to well over a year. This will depend on your state and the seriousness of the violation that caused your license to be suspended in the first place.

If you’re having a hard time understanding what the notice is saying, or you think that your suspension was given unfairly, consider seeking out a suspended license lawyer.

They can help you go through the details of your suspension and walk you through the process of reinstating your license. It never hurts to consult with a professional if you’re feeling unsure of your situation.

2] Take a Defensive Driving Course

These courses are called different things depending on the area, but you’re looking for a driving class.

Some violations require that a driving class is taken before the driver is allowed to have their license back. This isn’t universally true, but it does look good to a judge. Taking a driving course is a responsible move, and it shows a willingness to improve and grow as a member of your community on the road.

Defensive driving courses can also teach you a few things that could help you avoid repeating this mistake in the future, and they might help you lower your insurance rates.

While it might seem like a bit of a time commitment, there’s no real reason not to take one. It’s a good step to help you renew a suspended license and you’ll be a better driver at the end of it.

3] Consider an SR-22

An SR-22 is a document given by your insurance agency that proves to the state that you do, in fact, have car insurance. You will be notified if you need it.

An SR-22 can help you get a hardship license. While this isn’t universally true, it doesn’t hurt to try (especially if you’re not all the way through your suspension). A hardship license is going to allow you to use your car for essential tasks.

This means that if you need your car to travel to and from work, to take children to school or activities, or to care for family members or dependents, you will be able to do so.

A hardship license will not allow you to take frivolous car trips. Those could result in further suspension or greater punishments. It will, however, ease some of the burden associated with a suspended license that might impact the people in your life instead of just punishing you.

Contact your insurance company for an SR-22. If you don’t have an insurance company, now is the time to get one.

4] Pay Your Fines

If you’ve had your license suspended, you’ve almost certainly received some sort of ticket as well. There will also be fees associated with getting your suspension lifted.

You need to pay off any fees associated with your suspension before you have any chance of getting it removed.

In some cases, suspensions will be extended if the driver owes money elsewhere, like in child support. If this is the case, ensure that all money that you owe is squared away before you’re ready to end your suspension.

5] Wait It Out

Even if you’ve completed all of the necessary steps, you don’t get to just begin driving again without a notification that your suspension has been lifted.

There is often a waiting period while processing occurs. This period can take up to two weeks, but it’s important to wait out that entire time. Driving while on a suspended license, even if you’ve already completed every step to getting your suspension lifted, is a crime.

It will result in getting your suspension extended, and parts of this process may have to be repeated.

To avoid this situation, just be patient and wait for the process to be completed.

Are You Ready to Renew a Suspended License?

Getting your license suspended is a major setback, but hopefully, it encourages you to be a more careful driver in the future. Taking these steps will make the process go a lot more smoothly and help you avoid more legal trouble.

If you want to renew a suspended license, it will take a bit of paperwork and a bit of time, but it’s not complicated if you have the right guidance.

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