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How to Improve Communication of Your Web Design Team

Good communication is the pillar of success of any ambitious project. All your efforts will fall flat if you fail to create a real team culture where everyone will be encouraged to participate equally in the project and feel as an integral part of a big picture.

It’s a well-known fact that working on a web-design project is a challenging task and that there are a number of obstacles your team will need to overcome to achieve the goal they are striving for.

Effective Communication Tips for Web Designer Team

Tips for Better Communication with Web Design Team

To make this as easier as possible, it’s necessary to help everyone stay on the track and not waste any of their time doing some meaningful tasks that have a small impact on the final outcome.

By improving the communication of your web-design team, you will encourage them to stay focused on the real work instead of being distracted by various distractions that come from the outside world.

Here are the things you can do to make your team communicate with a breeze and achieve the highest productivity possible.

1) Develop procedures

If you want to prevent any miscommunication or even conflicts within your web-design team you need to set some clear boundaries and most importantly develop procedures.By developing procedures, you will not only eliminate possible confusion among your team members but you will also help them stay on the track.

For example, you may require that all the suggestions or request are submitted in writing or encourage them to write any interesting ideas they come up with on one office board that everyone will have access to. This will trigger your team’s creativity and make them work together towards achieving the same goal.

Also, once you created the producers, send out the memo so that everyone can have an insight into a new clear-cut plan of action.

2) Practice open door policy

Practice open door policy

Honesty is the best policy. One of the prerequisites of a healthy working environment is an open communication. Remove both physical and psychological barriers and help people become integral parts of the real team culture.

Your team has to know that if there are things that are bothering them and which prevent them from showing their true potential, they need to ask for a help or guidance.

In this way, you will not only encourage interaction among your employees but you will show them that you appreciate their attitudes and that you care about how they feel at work.

Instead of waiting for weekly meetings to address issues, practice occasional one-off meetings to find out how you can help your team to thrive.

3) Practice team communication training

As much as we would like to be able to maintain a communication flow and keep everyone on the same page, there are many factors that can disturb this flow.

Allocate some time and dedicate one day a week or a month to training your team members to communicate better. Organise workshops or games within the team where there will have to use their communication skills to solve a certain problem.

For example, give one team a task and tell them they must communicate the task to the other team without using words.This will stimulate them to think outside of the box and use signals to communicate ideas.

This may help your team create an internal language which will not only be fun but also useful for the projects to come at all stages of team development.

4) Choose the right technology

Choosing the Right Technology

The technological advancement has made our lives easier in a number of ways. Above all, technology has had a tremendous impact on the way how we communicate on a daily basis. Long are the days when a phone call was the only way how to keep your team members updated about their agile project management.

Today, there is a wide range of communication channels your team can use to keep up with the rest of the team. Besides using social media platforms, emailing and video chats, some organizations have invested in a number of user-friendly collaboration tools and web design project management software to help their web-design teams share their thoughts and have a clear overview of all the tasks they are working on.

If you want to take your team communication to a whole new level choose the right set of tools. Your and your team’s efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded.

5) Send out internal newsletter

Another way to keep all of your team members on the same page is to create an internal newsletter and give everyone an insight into what’s happening in your company.

An internal newsletter is an excellent way to keep all of your employees on recent happenings no matter how demanding the project you are working on is. You can send your newsletters on weekly or monthly basis depending on how important those happenings are. 🙂

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  • Very interesting article. Also very relevant now during Covid times is how we can manipulate the above to maintain the same team ethos whilst not physically in the office. The rise of software such as Zoom certainly helps but there is essentially more need than ever to diarise such calls and maintain communication.