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India’s Growing Internet Usage Is Creating New Career Opportunities

By the year 2021, over 829 million people will use the Internet in India, according to This niche will continue to provide a host of job opportunities to Indian residents.

Indians who want to leverage growing Internet usage in their home country will be able to do so when they create career pathways that relate to the Internet of Things.

India's Growing Internet Usage

Workers don’t need to be tech wizards in order to find jobs in this sector, although tech capability is certainly attractive to prospective employers. There are business opportunities for everyone, from call center jobs to sales positions to programming jobs.

Since the Internet is such an important part of people’s lives, and will only become more important, those who want jobs that suit their abilities should analyze the Internet business sector and then come up with realistic game plans.

Why is Internet usage going up in India?

To take advantage of current and future jobs in this sector, it’s important to understand why Internet usage within India is on the upswing. India is undergoing a digital transformation, thanks to technological advances that make it easier for the nation’s residents to enjoy connectivity that keeps them in the loop.

By 2021, two billion connections and devices will be active in India. One key factor is that the cost of Internet service is now lower. IAMAI (Internet & Mobile Association of India) reports that prices for broadband Web connections are decreasing, which means that high-quality Internet service is out of financial reach to fewer people.

Those who want the big picture regarding Internet use trends in India should seek out reliable statistics from reputable sources. The numbers in these statistics tell a story. It’s important to have hard facts before looking for work in this sector, and authentic statistics are hard facts.

For example, factual stats will show you that men use the Internet in India more than women do. Worldwide, females are dominant in certain online locales, such as social networking platforms, but India falls behind the global statistics for women.

In 2016, when it came to Facebook, 78% of Indian users were male, while just 24% were female. This gender gap is now shrinking in terms of general Internet usage. Women now account for up to 40% percent of all Indian Internet users. In 2015, they represented just 29 percent.

People who want to take advantage of trends in Indian Internet usage for the purpose of making money should look to the nation’s female population. Catering to their needs and wants will be a smart strategy.

Techpreneurs view India as a gold mine

India is home to a vibrant ‘techpreneur’ culture. Techpreneur is a term for entrepreneurs who create tech-based businesses. They might design online platforms, e-commerce websites, or apps for mobile devices, such as fintech (financial tech) applications.

The possibilities are really endless. India’s newest wave of tech-savvy entrepreneurs know that India is a gold mine, thanks to growing interest in (and usage of) the Internet.

Some of these ‘techpreneurs’ are seasoned pros, who are creating their own version of America’s Silicon Valley in India, through a growing network of venture-backed startups. If you’re tech-savvy, with vision and imagination, and a deep understanding of the Internet landscape in India, you may want to join them.

If you don’t want to be one of them, you may want to invest in one of them. This is another interesting way to potentially make money from India’s Internet boom.

What about non-tech jobs in the same sector?

Techies might put together startups or do coding or IT. Non-techies also have options. Companies that offer Web-based services or hardware that is designed for Internet users are typical firms that need all of the basic staff members, from receptionists to marketing teams to accountants and beyond.

There are many ways to work in this sector, at bricks-and-mortar workplaces or remotely, and some of them do not require a lot of tech finesse. However, workers who want non-tech jobs should make every effort to understand the Internet of Things.

The Internet of things is a concept that involves connecting devices with on-off switches to the Web and to other connected devices. It’s also known as IoT, and it’s a huge network of people and things, which gather and share collected data.

Educate yourself before you start applying for jobs in this sector. The more you understand about the way the Internet of Things works, the more you’ll impress prospective employers.

There is so much more to learn about increasing Internet usage in India and the career opportunities that it brings. but this overview should help the uninitiated to see the possibilities.

People who want jobs that relate to the web may want to start the hunt by researching India’s biggest tech startups, such as SnapDeal and OYO, to see which job positions they’ve listed online. When it comes to the World Wide Web, India is a land of opportunity.

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