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Bengali playback singer Jayati Chakraborty is an Indian Bengali performer of Rabindra Sangeet. Since 2002, she has performed playback vocals for Bengali films. The essential details of Indian singer Jayati Chakraborty, such as her nationality, birthplace, date of birth, gender, years of active service, marital status, education, career, husband, children, and family, are included in this page.

Jayati Chakraborty Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

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The brightest talent in Bengali music, Jayati Chakraborty is a regular performer on Tara Muzik Television and is making waves in the Adhunik and Rabindra sangeet genres. Jayati was given a special voice by God. Her performances have garnered her recognition and captivated listeners from all around the world. In the short period since she began her singing career, she has more than ten solo albums and several more albums to her credit. This does demonstrate her commitment to and love of music. Her reputation stems only from her commitment and enthusiasm. This has been crucial in helping her become known as a varied singer. As a result of the many awards she has received from devoted listeners, she has developed a true fan base.

One of the rising stars of Indian entertainment is Jayati Chakraborty. She is well-known in the Bengali entertainment industry for her engaging performances and excellent acting abilities. In 2021, Jayati made her debut in the web series Gangulys Wed Guhas. That year saw the premiere of a television series that narrates the tale of two families who come from disparate ethnic origins but are united by marriage. Jayati was well-received for her acting in the series and had a prominent role. Jayati made an appearance in the online series Johny Bonny in 2022, the year after. Viewers took to this series, which was shown on the KLiKK OTT platform.

The show tells the tale of two young individuals who fall in love and work to get beyond the challenges in their path. Jayati’s performance was commended once more, and the crowd liked how authentically she portrayed the role. Even though Jayati Chakraborty’s career is just getting started, her talent and diligence have already made an effect on the industry. Her admirers are excitedly awaiting her next endeavor, and she will undoubtedly give another fantastic performance.

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List of Albums of Jayati Chakraborty

  1. Durer Pari
  2. Kagojer Nouka
  3. Tomaro Ashime
  4. E Hridoy
  5. Akasher Nir
  6. Ke Jabi
  7. Komal Gandhar (2015)
  8. Folk Lok (2016)
  9. Ebong Jayati (2018)
  10. Best of Jayati Chakraborty (2019)

List of Movies of Jayati Chakraborty

  1. Bye Bye Bangkok (2011)
  2. Mrs. Sen (2013)
  3. Aamar Aami (2014)
  4. Bodhon (2015)
  5. Jogajog (2015)
  6. Tagore’s Natir Puja: The Court Dancer (2016)
  7. Bilu Rakkhosh (2017)
  8. Bhootchakra Pvt. Ltd. (2019)
  9. Jyeshthoputro (2019)
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