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6 Killer Techniques for Instagram Popularity

Instagram itself is one of the most popular social media platforms and has more than 700 million users now from all around the world. It is not just small social media application anymore and has attracted many big brands and business to join it from all around the world.

According to an estimate, Instagram has more than 70% of brands using it, and the number is on the rise every day.

Six Overlooked Techniques for Instagram Popularity

Best Techniques for Instagram Popularity

If you want to gain followers on Instagram or you want to promote your business, you will have to gain popularity on Instagram. The more popular you are, the more successful your marketing campaign will become on Instagram. To achieve popularity on Instagram, you will have to be smart.

There are a lot of ways which can help you gain popularity on Instagram, but the six most effective techniques are mentioned here below.

1# Create an effective hashtag

When you want to gain popularity on Instagram you can always count on hashtags. Hashtags are very useful, and they help you reach more audience by making your post discoverable. But while picking a hashtag, you have to be careful Make sure that you do your keyword research and you pick the best one.

Your hashtag should be unique and straightforward and also related to your niche. Once you have chosen the right hashtag, your posts will start performing well, and you will be able to see the results.

2# Inspire your followers

One of the best ways of gaining popularity on Instagram is by inspiring your followers. When people get inspired by your Instagram, they will start to like you automatically and will endorse you as well. So make sure that you add some creativity to your content and post some inspiring quotes with it as well.

The more the quotes will be related to your niche the more authentic you will look. You can target any specific thing like you can posts quotes on hardworking people. Just inspire and motivate them and popularity is yours.

3# Host Instagram contests

Instagram contests are an excellent way of gaining popularity. When you organize an Instagram contest, you ask people to participate in it and promise them a gift. You can ask a question on your profile and ask people to answer it, or you can ask people to post a picture with your hashtag and Instagram handle.

In the end, you can decide a winner by any method, and you can send them their gift. You might be giving something for free, but in the end, you will see that it was worth it.

4# Add creativity to your posts

Popularity can be gained by creativity as well. When your content is unique and attractive people start liking you automatically. While making your content keep trying something creative and different this could help you establish your brand as well. But be careful and make sure that you do not try too hard or go overboard. Welcome creativity but keep a few boundaries to it as well.

5# Share engaging Instagram stories

Share engaging Instagram stories

Instagram has changed very much in the past year and has acquired a lot of new features. One of the most impressive and useful features Instagram has introduced is Instagram stories. Instagram stories are very effective in marketing as well, and they can gain you popularity as well.

While using Instagram stories stay creative and tell stories that will engage the audience. Use pictures and videos both and inform the story in steps. This will help you gain followers on Instagram fast.

6# Collaborate with Instagram influencers

You can always work with the Instagram influencers of your niche to promote your Instagram account or brand. To collaborate with influencers make sure that the influencer is related to your field and has a good number of following as well.

Once you have found the right influencer, you can pay them for promoting your account, and in return, you will gain popularity through influencers Instagram account.

As you can see to run a successful social media marketing campaign on Instagram you will have to gain a lot of popularity, and luckily it is not rocket science, and you can gain popularity by just following this simple tips. 🙂

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