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Leather Sofa Is Back In Fashion

Leather upholstery is a premium quality investment that will last a lifetime with adequate maintenance and loving care. However, the interior industry has been obsessed with softer fabrics, such as faux leather, suede, velvet, and jacquard in recent years. Leather sofas took a back seat on the trend radar, while suede and velvet enjoyed the limelight.

This year, it appears that the tables have turned, and leather sofas are back in fashion. The truth is, leather sofas never go out of fashion, but some styles and color palettes became redundant and overdone. So, if you have a leather sofa lying around in one of the rooms, a remodeling project is a terrific idea to revamp its construction and design.

Leather Sofa Is Back In Fashion

If you’re looking to buy new styles and trends in leather sofas, keep reading our guide to explore the hottest trends of the year.

The Comeback Has Its Reasons

Trends and styles in the interior design realm are constantly crossing over and fading out, and a classic leather sofa is no different in this regard. For over a decade, the interior industry has been obsessed with minimalist designs and L-shaped sofas in soft, richly woven fabrics. Now, interior designers are marking a shift towards earthly and rich-toned materials, and leather is the leading choice.

Premium quality leather is an unrivaled material, as no other fabric can imitate its glory and grandeur. It’s a hardwearing and enduring fabric that creates a classy finish and blends seamlessly in any given design.

Leather was never truly out of style, but its use in sofas and furniture had diminished with the popularity of linen, jacquard, velvet, and suede.

Today, a classy leather Chesterfield is an ultimate investment to make in a new leather sofa that will last a lifetime. Chesterfields are all the rage, and they complement all kinds of interiors, from a homely living room to an executive boardroom.

In recent years, leather texturing and processing technologies have evolved considerably, and this innovation is also a significant reason behind the revival of leather sofas.

New 3D Models from The Best Designers

3D modeling is a trend that has penetrated almost every industry and sector because of its accuracy in replicating and mirroring designs.

A 3D model streamlines design and production by capturing the precise vision of the designer. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the rise of 3D modeling has contributed heavily to the return of leather sofas.

Creating a leather sofa design with 3D models is a major trend sweeping over the interior industry. Designers rely on 3D models to actualize their vision and allow their clients to customize the design extensively.

We strongly urge homeowners to capture their vision for a leather sofa with 3D models to avoid dissatisfaction with the final results.

A 3D model will help you create a unique design extensively tailored to compliment the tones and aesthetics of your interior. It’s a fool-proof strategy to create a masterful leather sofa design that will bring out the best in your living spaces.

Interior Design Trends

There’s a wealth of trends and designs to explore in a leather sofa, and interior designs believe that the direction you choose must complement the tone of your interior. For instance, minimalist and Scandinavian-style homes can explore leather sofa designs with brass and metallic accents.

Styles like a leather loveseat, square-armed leather sofa, sleeper sofas, and bench seat designs blend beautifully with contemporary interiors. Ace designer Julianne Bull recommends a classic brown leather sofa as a timeless style that will compliment all interiors, including formal, traditional, coastal, or contemporary.

One of America’s most celebrated interior designers, Nate Berkus, is a huge fan of upholstered leather sofas, tufted leather, and the classic Chesterfield. Berkus designs, especially his own home, are brimming with upholstered leather and a classy Chesterfield in warm and earthy tones. A traditional leather sofa is the ultimate furniture piece to give the living room a lived-in, warm, and cozy appeal.

If you’re exploring traditional designs in a leather sofa, we advise revisiting the iconic creations of Joseph Hoffman. Hoffman is primarily credited for the popularity of upholstered furniture and the legendary Club 1910 chair. Over the years, his work has inspired many collections of leather sofas in traditional and classic designs.

The armless leather sofa is also making waves with its futuristic and minimalist appeal. However, homeowners who associate great importance with armrests can explore designs with subtle arms, like a mid-century retro sofa or the eclectic Bel-Air sofa.

How Long Will This Trend Last?

The leather sofa is a timeless trend, and there’s no arguing its longevity, durability, and style savviness. Leather as an upholstery material will never go out of style, whether the design is a chair, table, or sofa. However, as interior trends continue to evolve and transform, you may need to revamp the design and color tones.

Suppose you seek a trend that is eternally a la mode and everlasting. In that case, it’s wise to work with a traditional design that has an age-old charm, such as a grand Chesterfield. However, if you gravitate towards minimalist or mid-century designs, you may feel the need to revamp the leather sofa after some time.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that a leather sofa is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. You cannot do better if you wish to bring home a furniture piece that you can pass down to generations without making any enhancements or improvements.

However, it’s wise to consider that leather has various grades and varieties where the quality is concerned. It’s crucial to invest in premium quality leather, as faux leather and vegan substitutes deny the longevity and quality of pure leather. It won’t be light on the pocket, but it will prove a sturdy and durable investment that will delight you for years to come.

Leather offers ample room for customization and revamping, and if you grow tired of the same design, you can always revamp it into a modern creation.

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