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LG G3 Issues and Fixes for Lag, Battery Life and Overheating

The LG G3 Smartphone is arguably one of the most powerful Android smartphones ever released, combining a powerful Quad HD display with a Snapdragon 801 CPU and 3 GB of RAM. Considering it’s coming from the same company that helped manufacture the Nexus 4/5 for Google, it’s safe to say that LG has plenty of experience when it comes to optimizing Android for its hardware. The overall result should be one of the best Android experiences out there.

However, there have been reports of issues including lag, slowdown and less than smooth performance on some handsets. Obviously, if you spend Rs. 40,000+ on a device, you expect to be free from such problems. Android isn’t perfect, even on Google and Motorola devices running the stock launcher, and there’s always a way to further optimize performance.

 Smartphone LG G3 Overheating, Display and Touch

Other common issues on the LG G3 including battery drain, heat management, random shut downs and the like also need to be dealt with but rest assured that solutions are available.

Note: Take plenty of care when using these workarounds and make sure to back up any important data. Some of these methods also haven’t been officially sanctioned by LG or Google as reliable work-around. Proceed with caution and if the issues still persist, head to your nearest service center or LG outlet for assistance.

Top LG G3 Issues and Fixes

The Basics

LG itself releases updates for its firmware so check and make sure you have the latest version of Android and Optimus UI installed. You can do this by heading to the Settings, selecting “About Phone” and checking the System Updates tab.

As always, navigate to the Settings menu and to the App Tray, then select the Cached Processes tab. From here, you can force stop any processes that may be running without your knowledge and effectively free up memory.

Avoid stopping any essential system processes like Google Services, Qualcomm and LG processes and the like. If you see an app you’re not using like Facebook or Flipboard that’s taking up valuable memory, force stop it.

You can also force quit running processes which may still be happening in the background even if you’re not currently using an app. This a good way to ensure that no app is running without your knowledge but remember to avoid stopping any vital system processes.

LG G3 Issues Fixes

lg g3 display

Make sure to restart your phone once you clear cached and running processes. If you feel like your device is acting glitchy, you can back up your data and perform a factory reset as well. This will return the LG G3 to its original, retail state and essentially delete any information you have, including apps installed. Glitches and even excessive battery consumption can occur due to faulty apps so use a factory reset to install apps one by one to eventually find the problem.

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Of course, if everything was running great before a certain app was installed, you can choose to go back and delete it right away without performing a factory reset. Either way, keep track of the various apps you install and be careful when downloading apps from third party sources.

Lagging Behind? No More!

One of the more common complaints with the LG G3 is lag that pops up on occasion. An XDA member recently posted a workaround to help increase the speed of one’s device and it involves accessing the hidden menus within your smartphone. Again, use this method at your own discretion.

You first need to open the Dialer and enter a specific code. This code varies depending on your service provider, with the Indian version (D855) using the International code. In the Dialer, type 3845#*855#. You’ll find an option that says “High Temperature Property Off”. Turn it on, switch off your device and then switch it back on again after a few seconds.

This will take care of any lag issues. If you want to further improve speed, head back to the menu using the code 3845#*855#. Navigate to an option that says “Thermal Daemon Mitigation Off” and enable it.  Switch off your device and switch it back on in 30 seconds.

You’ll need to wait for some time after unlocking the G3 in order to sync everything together. This will essentially disable the screen’s ability to reduce brightness if it gets too hot so keep that in mind if you’re a heavy gamer. It’s not always a good idea to have so much heat for prolonged periods of time.

LG G3 Issues Fixes

lg g3 phone

Root of the Problem

There are other ways to speed up the LG G3 which involve rooting your phone. Some believe that the display’s Quad HD resolution is responsible for performance issues. If you use an app like NOMone, you can lower the 2560×1440 resolution to 1080p and significantly reduce heat dissipation and increase battery life. It’s not recommended though since root access is required and there’s seemingly no point to the LG G3’s display otherwise.

As stated before, sometimes a new app could be responsible for issues like battery drain. These new apps can also significantly affect your performance. To find out, boot your LG G3 in Safe Mode by holding the Power key to bring up the shutdown menu. From here, hold down on the “Power Off” option. This will let you reboot in safe mode.

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You’ll notice a significant difference in performance it was indeed an app causing the issue. You can then proceed to delete any recent apps that may be causing the issue or perform a factory reset after backing up any important data. For more information on errant apps that can be removed safely, head here.

LG G3 Issues Fixes

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Battery Saviour

While clearing cached processes and uninstalling errant apps is a great way to improve battery life, the LG G3 does present several different options to further aid you.

The first is the Battery Saver option in the Settings menu. Navigate to Settings and select Battery. You can select Battery Saver and depending on the level, the G3 will disable certain features in order to save on battery life. You can also disable some features on your own including 3G, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth to save on battery life. Fiddling with the brightness settings is also a good way to increase battery life.

If you’re still facing battery issues, then it’s a good idea to pick up a replacement battery. The LG G3 thankfully allows you replace its internal battery so even if you’re a heavy user, you can keep a spare cell with you at all times. Check with your local service center to see if you can get malfunctioning batteries replaced for free if you notice these issues shortly after purchase. 😀

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