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Listen to Cell Phone Calls Remotely With TheOneSpy Call Spy App

Do the secretive phone calls of your teenager make your concerned? Does your partner seek for privacy every time his phone rings? There might be myriad reasons compelling you to listen to the phone calls of your significant ones secretly.

TheOneSpy | Cell Phone Spy Software

What if you could listen to all the secret phone calls of your kids and spouse? The advancement of the technologies has bestowed us with several mobile phone monitoring apps that let you track the phone calls of your loved ones.

There are numerous call spy apps rightly available that can make picking the effective mobile spy app problematic for a beginner.

To help you get the best, we have reviewed the top call spy apps including TheOneSpy which is a feature-rich and efficient cell phone spy app.

Why is TheOneSpy Best Call Spy App?

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform monitoring app that is intended for parents, spouses and employers to track the Android and iPhone devices of children, other halves and employees. It offers a broad range of advanced features to monitor and record all activities performed on the monitored cell phone.

Detect Infidelity

TheOneSpy Android monitoring app enables spouses to keep tabs on the mobile phone use of their significant others. If your partner seeks privacy every time when his/her phone rings or he/she has suddenly started receiving phone calls from an undisclosed source, these are the red flags of infidelity.

The call spy app lets you listen to all the private and secret phone calls of your husband/wife without letting your partner know. Also, the app provides enough evidence of infidelity to help you make the right decision.

Parental Control

About two-third of teens in the United States own mobile phones through which they exchange billions of messages and make millions of phone calls on everyday basis. The parents of the post-millennials are obligated to monitor the mobile phone use of their children to protect them from the dangers prevailing in the real and online world.

TheOneSpy parental control app enables parents to supervise their kids’ phone use and listen to their phone calls without accessing their phones. It provides great support to parents in rescuing their children from the predators, sex offenders, harassers, persecutor, scammers and scoundrels in their real and cyber lives.

Employee Monitoring

The businesses are required to monitor the workforces to prevent them from unproductive tasks and misconduct. TheOneSpy call spy app enables the employers to keep a check on their call center representatives and marketing teams.

The phone calls made and received by these workers can be tracked with the spy app and get recorded for further evaluation. It lets the employers know whether or not their workers are performing well.

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How does the Call Spy App Track Phone Calls?

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app is needed to be installed on the mobile phones of children, spouses and workers. After successful installation, the app syncs the phone data including the messages, contacts, call logs, documents and photos. The data is then uploaded to a confidential online account from where the end-user of the tracking app can review that data.

If you want to listen to the phone calls of your target, there are a few simple steps to follow. Just sign into the online account of the spy software and go to the Recorded Calls tabs in the main menu. You will have all the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your target in front of you. You can listen to all these phone calls and download the recorded calls on your device.

TheOneSpy automatically records all the phone calls received and made through the targeted Android and iPhone. There is no need to generate any command to listen to a phone call. The call spy app also provides call logs containing the call history, call time, call duration and name and phone number of the callers and recipients.

In addition to phone calls, you can track the audio and video calls made and received via instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Hike and Zalo.

That is not all! The cell phone monitoring software offers numerous other features to monitor and control the Android phones and iPhones of children, workers and spouses.

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